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Approximately 30 millimeters away from primary end of that tape.

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How the length of computer is measured?

You apply a measuring stick or a measuring tape.You apply a measuring stick or a measuring tape.You apply a measuring stick or a measuring tape.You apply a measuring stick or a measuring tape.

What is 11.7 inches on a measuring tape?

where is 11.7 inches on a measuring tape

What would be used to measure the width of a house?

Measuring tape.

What actors and actresses appeared in Measuring Tape Girl - 2010?

The cast of Measuring Tape Girl - 2010 includes: Jessica Embro as Measuring Tape Girl

What measuring tool do you need to measure the distance around a basketball?

A piece of string and a ruler or tape measure.

What is measuring tape called in Hindi?

inchi tape

Which tool would be best for measuring the length of a picnic table?

a tape measure

How do you call the long roll of measuring tape?

tape measure

How many inches does a measuring tape have?

.How long is the tape you bought?

What do you need when measuring flatness with an Optical flat?

a measuring tape

What is an example of a measuring tool?

measuring tape,ruler,measuring cup/spoon,lazer

How do you measure 2.0 meters on a measuring tape?

-- If you have a metric measuring tape, there's a mark at 2.0 meters.-- If you have an "English" measuring tape, measure off 6feet6-3/4inches ; you'll be almost exactly right on.

What is the measuring tape for in pole vaulting?

The measuring tape on the side of the runway is for measuring the approach of a vaulter. Having a precise start spot and rythm is key to the success of the athlete.

How do you rewind a tape measure?

let go of the measuring tape and drop it.

What is metric measring tape?

It is a measuring tape which is calibrated in metric units.

What is measuring tape?

you use a measuring cup to measure how much liquid there is.

How are volcano's measured?

measuring tape

How are windows measured?

with a measuring tape

Can you measure capacity with measuring tape?


Is measuring tape a toy?

No, it is a tool.

How can you measure your intestines?

measuring tape

What is Fiberglass measuring tape?

A measuring tape made of fiberglass. I have 3, very smooth and much better than steel tapes.

What are the ratings and certificates for Measuring Tape Girl - 2010?

Measuring Tape Girl - 2010 is rated/received certificates of: Canada:G

Which unit would you use to measure the length of measuring tape?

You can use whatever units are printed on the measuring tape - just read the highest value off the tape. Then you can convert it to whatever units you want.Other than that - for instance, if you want to confirm whether the tape is accurate, measuring with ANOTHER measuring tape or some other method - I would use meters.

What is the meaning of push pull tape rule?

It is a measuring tape that will retract into itself.