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It is exactly halfway between the tick marks that are labelled 20 and 30.

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Q: Where is 25 degrees on a protractor?
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Related questions

What is a protractor postulate?

a postulate u go by in order to use the protractor. ex: 63 degrees + 55 degrees(use the protractor to find the correct degrees)

What is a Full circle Protractor?

A full protractor is is a protractor that goes 360 degrees around.

Can you measure 210 degrees on a protractor?

Yes on a full protractor you can

How many degrees in a full protractor?

180 degrees

How do you draw a 179 degrees angle?

use a protractor

When do you use the protractor?

You use a protractor to meausure angles in degrees. Or you can draw a semi-circle (my favorite) ;)

Which scale on a protractor is used for determining distance in degrees?

Degrees are a measure of angular separation, not distances. You cannot, therefore, use the protractor for determining distances.

How do you find the angle degrees?

A protractor is nused to measure angles in degrees.

How do you measure angles with a protractor?

A protractor is a shape: semi-circle or full circle, that has degrees marked around the edge. Place the marked centre of the protractor on (for example) the corner of two lines forming a right-angle. The bottom line will be zero, while the vertical line will cross the 90 degrees mark of the protractor, so proving that a right-angle is 90 degrees.

What is the tool for measuring the degrees of angles?

A protractor.

What does a protractor measures?

It measures angles in degrees

What instrument do you use to measure degrees?


What unit is measured by a protractor?

Usually degrees

Why does a full protractor have 360 degrees?

Because there are 360 degrees around a point

How many degrees does a triangle have?

From 180 degrees to 90 degrees based on my protractor... :D

How do you draw a 135 degree angle using a protractor?

Draw a straight line and place zero degrees of the protractor at the endpoint of the line then mark out 135 degrees and join the endpoint with the marked out degrees to construct the required angle.

What is the formula for finding an angle in a circle graph?

get a protractor, then multiply your decimal by 360 degrees. Then take that number and find it with the protractor.

How many degrees in a full CIRCLE protractor?


How do you draw a 105 degrees angle?

With the help of a protractor

What is the name of the angular marks on a protractor?

They mark out degrees.

What measures degrees?

Generally, that would be a protractor. It is able to take an angle and calculate its degrees.

Explain how to use a protractor to measure an angle?

To measure ans angle, put the hole on the the vertex, line up the protractor with the angle and look at the degrees.

When you use a protractor to draw an angle that opens to the right degrees should be on the right?

180 degrees

Why do all circles have the same number of degrees on a protractor?

Because there are 360 degrees around a circle.

What do you use a protractor for?

Finding degrees of angles, or for drawing circles.