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Many places, but a common one is in adding fractions where we find a common denominator.

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Q: Where is a denominator used?
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Related questions

Why is a one used as a denominator?

It is only rarely used as a denominator.

What is the denominator for 18?

denominator is a name used in fractions not whole numbers e.g 2/5 the denominator is 5

How do you know which unit of conversion factor must be in the denominator?

The unit that is used in the denominator is the one to cancels the unit that appears in a numerator.

How do you simplify the fraction?

first multiply the denominator to the mixed number. then,when you got the product, add the product to the numerator. then,when you got the sum, copy the sum as numerator and the denominator was the last denominator you used.

A method used to eliminate radicals from the denominator of a fraction?

That is called "rationalizing the denominator". It consists of multiplying the numerator and the denominator by specific terms, which include square roots. Examples:* If the denominator is root(2) (that is, the square root of 2), multiply numerator and denominator by root(2). * If the denominator is root(2) + root(3), multiply numerator and denominator by root(2) - root(3).

How do you know which unit of conversion factor must be the denominator?

The unit that is used in the denominator is the one to cancels the unit that appears in a numerator.

The values used with fractions are called?

The numerator and the denominator.

What is a rule for how to find a ratio with a denominator f 1 without using a diagram?

Divide the numerator of the ratio by the denominator. The answer, with a denominator is the required unit fraction. And I have never ever used a diagram - I have no clue what it is or how to use it!

Is Least Common Denominator used for subtracting fractions?


What 2 operations are used with lowest common denominator?

The least common denominator or (LCD) of two or more fractions is the least common multiple of the denominators.

What is the conjugate of a denominator?

This is related to the technique used to eliminate square roots from the denominator. If, for example, the denominator is 4 + root(3), you multiply both numerator and denominator by 4 - root(3). In this case, "4 - root(3)" is said to be the "conjugate" of "4 + root(3)". When doing this, there will be no more square roots in the denominator - but of course, you'll instead have a square root in the numerator.

What is the least common denominator of 3 12 and 15?

Denominators are used in fractions. So I guess your answer would be 1 because a whole number can only have 1 as a denominator.

Is the denominator on the top or bottom?

Numerator on top; denominator on the bottom.

Which is used to represent how part relate to the whole?

It is the numerator of a fraction which is above the denominator.

What is the part of a fraction that tells how many units the fraction contains?

It is the denominator

What are the parts of a fraction?

The numerator, which is the number above the line. The denominator, which is the number below the line. The denominator defines the size of the fractional parts of a whole, and the numerator tells how many there are. A fraction is often used to express the division of the numerator by the denominator.

How do you multiply fractions with same denominator?

multiply denominator by denominator and vice versa

Definition for like denominator?

Like denominator is the same denominator as the nonzero numbers.

What is the common denominator of 56 and 7?

A common denominator is 7.A common denominator is 7.A common denominator is 7.A common denominator is 7.

How are a common denominator and a common multiple alike and different?

Both result from the comparison of integers. The process used to find them is the same. The only difference is in their function. One is a denominator, one isn't.

What is the least common denominator of 15 and 20?

Least common denominator is used for fractions, not integers. Integers can be expressed as fractions, though, by placing them over 1 so if you really meant least common denominator then the answer is 1. If, however, you meant least common multiple, then then answer is 60.

What is used in changing dissimilar fractions to similar fractions?

Finding the lowest common denominator

What is an architranseme?

An architranseme is a theoretical common denominator used in the comparison of source text and translation.

What number can not be a denominator?

zero can not be a denominator.

How are divisors and denominators alike?

A fraction represents a decimal number in the form of one number over (or divided by) another. To convert a fraction to a decimal the numerator is divided by the denominator; the denominator is the divisor in this case. A division can be written with the divide symbol (÷) or a solidus (or slash /). The latter is used by most (if not all) computer languages. The solidus is also used to separate the numerator from the denominator of a fraction. The divisor of a division and the denominator of a fraction both occur on the right of the slash in the same place; thus they are the same thing.