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It is the line segment between any two consecutive whole numbers.

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Q: Where is a unit segment on the number line?
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What whole numbers is six unit segment to the right of -4 on the number line above?


Can a line segment has an infinite number of midpoints?

No. A line segment can have only one midpoint.

How the line and line segment are alike?

a line segment is only a small part of the line and can be expressed as a number. A line goes on forever into space

A number associated with a number on the number line?

Segment position postulate

What line has two points in it?

Any piece of a line has an infinite number of points on it, whether it's straight or curved. A line segment is a section of a line bounded by two endpoints. A line is continuous, but a line segment, is a segment of a line.

What are all of the types of line segments?

Line segment AI, line segment BG, line segment GH and line segment CE

How do you find the midpoint of a line segment?

The midpoint of a line segment would be to add up all of the numbers in the segment. Then divide by the number of numbers that were added. For example if a 1, 3, and 8 were added, divide by 3. This will give the midpoint of the line segment.

Is a line longer than a line segment?

A line extends forever into space and a line segment is a segment or part of a line, so a line is longer than a line segment.

What is an intersection of two walls?

if it's between line segment or line, would it be line segment? i think line segment is the answer

Can a curved line be a line segment?

No it can't because a line segment is a line that is straight. So it is not a line segment.

What is formed by two endpoints?

A line segment.A line segment.A line segment.A line segment.

Can The length of a line segment can't be measured?

There is no reason that the length of a line segment can't be measured.There is no reason that the length of a line segment can't be measured.There is no reason that the length of a line segment can't be measured.There is no reason that the length of a line segment can't be measured.

How are a line and a line segment are different?

a line can be indefinitely extended but a line segment is a part. a line segment cannot be extended:)

Is railroad a line or line segment?

line segment

Define line segment?

A line segment has two end points. This is called an line segment.

How many points may a line contain?

A line, ray, or line segment contains an infinite number of points.

True or false if a segment with a length of 1 unit is given a constructible number is the length of a segment that can be constructed with a compass and straightedge?


What is a. Line segment?

A line segment is a straight line that has endpoints.

What is a segment line?

A line segment is a straight line that has endpoints.

Is a line segment part of a line or is a line part of a line segment?

In geometry a line is thought of as extending infinitely in both directions. A line segment is part of a line.

What does one edge of a book most closely resemble a line or a line segment?

Line segment because a line is endless and a segment is not a segment has to extremites and so is the book...

What is the area of a segment?

a line segment has no area. By definition a line segment is a part of a line, thus it has no area

What is the difference between unit of measurement and unit?

A unit of measure is a measurable amount by something, say a foot, meter, or liter. A unit is usually shown on graphs to describe a position or how long a line segment may be (for example: segment A goes from (0,0) to (0,5). How many units long is it? The answer: 5 units).

What is less than zero?

The entire segment of the Number Line to the left of it.

How is a line segment different thin a line?

A line segment has ends. A line doesn't.