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A line extends forever into space and a line segment is a segment or part of a line, so a line is longer than a line segment.

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Q: Is a line longer than a line segment?
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Is a line segment longer than a ray?


A line is longer than a line segment?

um i think.......

Can a line segment be longer than a line?

No, Aline never ends. EVER

Can you make a line segment longer than the diameter of circle?

Not if the whole segment is inside the circle.

Which is longer a line or a line segment?

a line is loger.line segment is a finite part of a line while the line is infinite

Which is longest A line segment a line or a ray?

A line is longer.!?!

Why does the compass width have to be longer than half when bisecting a segment?

So that the arcs constructed are at midpoint of the line segment to be bisected.

Is a ray line segment or line longer?

Let's think of a line segment as a finite set of points. Along those lines, (pun intended) think of a ray and a line as infinite sets of points. Then we think of longer in terms of the size of the set. So for example, a 2 inch line segment would be longer than a 1 inch line segment because we can have more points in the set which is made of the two inch segment. The ray and the line are the same size since they both can be viewed as sets containing an infinite number of points. The line segment being a finite set is smaller than the other two.

Find a segment that must be longer than segment PN?

SeGmEnT Pd

Does a line segment have one more point than a ray?

A line segment has one more point than a ray

In hopeton if you a line segment one inch shorter than the line segment how long is it?


How is a line different than a line segment?

A line is continuous with no ending whereas a line segment is defined as having end points.

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