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It is one of the points at which three faces meet.

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Q: Where is a vertex on a cube?
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What is vertex on cube?

A cube has no vertex

Does a cube have a vertex?

Yes a cube has a vertex. In fact a cube has a total of 8 vertices and is a 3 dimensional shape.

What is the vertex of a cube?

A vertex is defined as the place where two or more straight lines meet. A cube has eight vertices, which are the corners of the cube.

Which part of a cube is a vertex?

A vertex of a cube is its corner points. A cube has 8 vertices and six faces. It also has 12 edges. A cube is a three-dimensional figure.

Vertex of a cube?


Where is the vertex on a cube?

In any of the corners

How many vertex does a cube have?


How many edges of the cube meet at each vertex?

Three edges meet at each vertex.

How many vertex of cube?

A cube has 8 vertices, 12 edges and 6 faces

What is the definition for vertex in math?

It is the lines of a cube or a figure...... * * * * * No, a vertex is where they meet!

Does a cube have vertices?

Yes of course. A vertex is a corner were several lines intersect. A cube has 8 Vertices.

How many vertex dose an cube have?

I would say 8

How many edges of the cube meet each vertex?


What type of figure is a vertex of a cube?

It is the point of a dihedral (solid) angle.

How many faces come together at each vertex of a cube?


How many faces come together at each vertex of cube?


How do you determine how many vertices on a cube?

the vertex is where the two or more edges meet so to find them just count the corners because every corner is a vertex. a cube has 8 Vertices

Is a washer machine considered a cube?

Yes because it has vertex,faces,and edges just like a cube has. I hoped I answered this right

Do all polyhedrons have 2 edges that meet at each vertex?

No. For example, a cube is a polyhedron and 3 edges meet at each vertex.

How many vertice s are in a cube?

A vertex is a point. There are 8 vertices in a cube. 6 sides in a cube. This can be easily seen from looking at a standard 6 sided die (dice).

How many perpendicular edges in a cube?

Each of the 12 edges of a cube is directly perpendicular to four others (two at each vertex for that edge).

How many space diagonals does a cube have?

A cube has four space diagonals. One from each of the four vertices on the top face of the cube to the opposite vertex on the other face

How many edges meet at each vertex of a cube?


Is cube can be constructed from discs alone?

a cone (not including the vertex) and a cylinder

What is the name of the corner of a cube?

vertex the line that connects 2 vertexes is an edge