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Thailand vegetable vendors use abacus, nowadays abacus is gaining popularity in India, US and taught by many schools

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Q: Where is abacus used nowdays?
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Did the Romans use calculating tools?

Yes, they used the abacus.Yes, they used the abacus.Yes, they used the abacus.Yes, they used the abacus.Yes, they used the abacus.Yes, they used the abacus.Yes, they used the abacus.Yes, they used the abacus.Yes, they used the abacus.

What was the abacus used for?

The abacus was used for counting and helping children in mathematics.

How does an abacus help you with math?

An Abacus can be used as a calculator.

What can an abacus measure?

An abacus measures nothing, it is a device used for calculation

Who founded the ABACUS?

The Sumarian abacus appeared as early as 2700 BC, The ancient Egyptians and the Persians also used the abacus

Who invented the abacus and what is it used for?

The abacus was invented by the ancient Chinese people and was used to perform mostly mathematical calculations. In Japan, even to this day, the abacus is still used for simple calculations. Many people consider the abacus the first "computer" or at least the first calculator.

How is weaving used nowadays?

Weaving is used nowdays: for fun! to make stuff!

What is the Roman Abacus?

a roman abacus was used as a pocket calculator for the romans, helping them calculate roman numerals

Is a abacus still used today?


What did people do before calculators?

They used the abacus

What materials were used to make the first abacus?

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How was the abacus originally used?

The abacus was originally used to add and subtract. It was much faster than an adding machine. Its weakness was that it did not leave a paper trail.

Function of abacus?

An abacus is an ancient form of the modern day calculator.

What is the minimum number of bars on an abacus?

The minimum number of bars on an abacus is nine. An abacus is a calculating tool that was used before the written numeral system came into use. It is still used by merchants and traders in countries in Asia and Africa.

Who is discover of Abacus?

The Sumerian abacus appeared in 2700 BC, a primitive device which was difficult to use. The Persians used the abacus in 600 BC. The Greek abacus dated to the 5th Century BC. The Chinese dated to the 2nd Century BC

Which instrument used during the french revolution to behead people is used nowdays to cut paper?


Are there more laptops or desktops in use worldwide?

nowdays in my views more laptops are used than dekstop coz they are handy to use and also nowdays becoming cheaper than dekstops........

What year was the abacus made?

abacus was used in 300 B.C by the Babylonians. (The oldest) always the oldest from long time ago.

What type of roman used the abacus?

An abacus was used by just about every head of a family to keep the family finances. If the paterfamilia were not keen on math a slave or a wife would fill in for him. Professional record keeper, tax collectors, censors an even merchants all used the abacus.

How was abacus used in ancient times?

It was mainly used like a calculator

In what countries is the abacus till used today?


What is the abacus used for?

addition subtraction multiplication and division

How was the abacus used in Ancient China?

helped with math

How was the abacus used to solve math problems?


What is an abacus for?

It is a device used for counting in ancient times