Where is bermudia triangle located?

Updated: 12/24/2022
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near carebian icelands

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Q: Where is bermudia triangle located?
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When Amelia Earhart disapierd was she close to the bermudia triangle?

NO, she was nowhere near the Bermuda triangle.

What does the bermudia triangle look like?

like a normal triangle It's a section of the Atlantic alongside Cuba. The Triangle refers to the 3 points mapping the area, Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico-when you connect them, you form a triangle shaped area.

How does the bermudia triangle suck people in?

It doesn't. The Bermuda triangle is a HUGE area, intersected by a couple of shipping lanes. It doesn't kill more people/cause more accidents than any other comparable water surface of the same area.

What is located around the Bermuda Triangle?

it is located in the middle of the triangle

Where is the bermuta triangle located?

The Bermutau Triangle is Located in Bermuta.

What is an orthocentre and where it is located for an obtuse right and a right angled triangles?

On an obtuse triangle the orthocenter is located on the outside of the triangle and the orthocenter of the right triangle is located at the vertex of the triangle ...

Is centroid of a triangle located inside the triangle?


Which cannot be located outside of a triangle?

the centroid of a triangle

Where is the incenter located in relation to the triangle?

In the ceneter of the triangle

Where is the Triangle located?

the triangle on the map is located at 15 degrees north and 15 degrees east longitude

Where is the golden triangle located?

The Golden Triangle is located is south eastern Asia. The countries associated with the Golden Triangle are Burma, Thailand, as well as Laos.

Where is the Coral Triangle located?

The Coral Triangle stretches from the Philippines to the Indonesia.