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You can buy a Birkenstock 39 online at Birkenstock Beach. You can also get a Birkenstock 39 at Online Shoes. They have many different styles and colors so that you can pick just the right pair of Birkenstock for you or your family.

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Q: Where is it possible to buy a birkenstock 39?
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Where can you buy Birkenstock Shoes?

The Birkenstock USA official site has a list of licensed Birkenstock stores. In addition to that, you can use the store locator to find independent shoe stores and national stores which stock them.

Where can someone purchase Birkenstock Footprints online?

If someone wants to purchase Birkenstock Footprints online, then Birkenstock Footprints can be found at Birkenstock Express. Birkenstock Footprints can also be found at Birkenstock USA.

Can you buy Birkenstock sandals in Germany?

Depends where in Germany you are? In Frankfurt there is a Birkenstock Store that only sells birkenstocks and their licensing partners (Papillio, Tatami, Footprints, Birkis, et.)

Where can you buy Birkenstock shoes in Brighton UK?

Churchill Square Brighton England.

Where can you find birkenstock sandles in bologna Italy?

You can find Birkenstock sandals in Bologna, Italy at Lola 2000. It is located at Via di Corticella 39 in Bologna. They are also available at Mantellassi Calzature. Via dell'Indipendenza 13 in Bologna.

Are there any websites selling birkenstock shoes online?

Birkenstock shoes are sold at the Birkenstock website as well as other websites pertaining to the sale and marketing of the Birkenstock brand name. Birkenstock shoes are found at the Birkenstock website under the purchases section.

What are Birkenstock footbeds made of?

what are birkenstock made of

When was Birkenstock created?

Birkenstock was created in 1774.

Can you mention places where you can buy Birkenstock products?

There are a number of places which sell Birkenstock products online. Apart from the company itself, Amazon, Zappos and Happy Feet are all good options.

When was Johann Adam Birkenstock born?

Johann Adam Birkenstock was born in 1687.

When was Uwe-Karl Birkenstock born?

Uwe-Karl Birkenstock was born in 1989.

When did Johann Adam Birkenstock die?

Johann Adam Birkenstock died in 1733.