Where is it possible to learn about parallel universes?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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To learn about parallel universe theory and quantum physics, visit the following websites: Quantum Jumping Blog, PBS and Scientific American. These websites provide articles and information about the latest discoveries in parallel universe theory.

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Q: Where is it possible to learn about parallel universes?
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Is there an antimatter universe?

Scientists admit that there may be as many as 27 'parallel universes' to our own. It is quite possible that there is not only an antimatter universe, but parallel universes to it.

What are the names of the parallel universes?

Parallel Universes are a theory.

When was Parallel Universes - film - created?

Parallel Universes - film - was created in 2001.

Is it possible that there are parallel universes which form the multiverse?

It is entirely possible, but difficult to verify, one way or the other.

Are parallel universes wrong?

Some lines of theoretical analysis in Cosmology indicate that parallel universes are possible. Experimentation on the subject isn't possible, at least not yet, and there's no observational evidence to suggest that they either do or don't exist. So the short answer is: We have no idea.

What actors and actresses appeared in Parallel Universes - 2014?

The cast of Parallel Universes - 2014 includes: Liran Nathan as Aden

Are there infinite parallel universes in the multiverse?

Theoretically, there are infinite parallel universes in the multiverse, however it is not necessarily widely accepted that the multiverse exists.

Are there really parallel universes?

there is a theory that there are. the choice is up to you! Einstein said that Schwartzchild wormholes may be a gateway to alternate universes the math is quite complicated but on paper it is quite possible ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Theoretically, we do have parallel universes, and some [although not alot] of evidence supporting this theory has come up. Actually, even though the notion seems entirely ludicrous, there is some serious math behind the parallel universes theory or the many-worlds interpretation.

Is there genuine proof of parallel universes?

No, not at this time.

What name is given to the entire collection of all possible so-called alternate and parallel universes?

I believe it is called "multi-verse".

What are the ratings and certificates for The Universe - 2007 Parallel Universes 3-2?

The Universe - 2007 Parallel Universes 3-2 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:G

What is the diameter of the multiverse since there at least 10 to the 500th power or more parallel universes in the multiverse?

Parallel universes are hypothetical which means their existence is only a conjecture.