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Q: Where is more than two thirds of the earth freshwater stored?
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More than two thirds of earth's fresh water is found in?

76% (more than two thirds) of Earth's freshwater is found in any ice on Earth. (ex. glaciers) 23% of freshwater is found in groundwater 12% of the groundwater is "shallow ground water" 11% of the groundwater is "deep ground water" 0.34% of Earth's freshwater is found in rivers, streams, and lakes 0.037% of freshwater is found in water vapor

Do lakes and streams hold more than two thirds of earths freshwater?

oceans freshwater and lakes and streams cover 2/3 of earth

Is there more saltwater than freshwater on the earth?

There is much more saltwater than freshwater. All of the oceans are made up of saltwater for example.

What covers more than 2 thrids of the surface of all of the earth?

Water covers more than 2 thirds of the surface of the earth.

How mush of the earth is covered by water?

More Than 70% but only 1% is freshwater

What contains more of Earth's water?

Water covers approximately 70% or more of the water on Earth. Salt water covers most of the surface on the earth's water supply. Amazingly only 3% of all water on earth is freshwater.

What has more freshwater lakes rivers or groundwater?

groundwater has more freshwater than rivers and lakes

Is four-thirds more than two-thirds?

yes by two thirds

Is there more nutrient in salt or freshwater?

Salt and freshwater are not nutrients.

Which is more three eighths or two thirds?

Two thirds.

Is there more salt water or freshwater?

There is by far more saltwater in the world. The oceans of the world are saltwater, and by volume the oceans compose over ninety percent of Earth's water.

Is two thirds more then half?

Yes, two thirds is more than a half but not by a lot.