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Quadrant one on an x and y graph is in the upper right hand quarter.

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Q: Where is quadrant one on the x and y axis?
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Are the x-axis and the y-axis in any quadrant?

No the x-axis and y-axis are not in any quadrant. They go between quadrants.

What is one of the four regions of the coordinate plane determined by the x axis and the y axis?

there is quadrant 1 , quadrant 2 , quadrant 3 , and quadrant 4

What is a quadrant on a graph?

On an XY graph, the X axis and Y axis create four separate areas. Each one is a quadrant.

One of the four regions in a coordinate plate separated by an x-axis and a y-axis?

A quadrant.

What is one of four areas formed by by the intersection of x axis and y axis of the coordiante plane?


Identify the quadrant in which the point x y lies if x 0 and y?

If x = 0 then the point is on the y-axis and so it not in any quadrant.

Which quadrant contains -3 0?

Points on the x-axis or y-axis are not in any quadrant. Therefore, (-3,0) is not contained in a quadrant.

This is one of four sections formed by the intersection of the x-axis and y-axis on a Cartesian coordinate plane?


What is a quadrant 2?

Quadrant II (Quadrant 2) is the region of the coordinate plane (xy-plane, a graph) that is above the x-axis and to the left of the y-axis. In this quadrant, all x values are positive and all y values are negative.

Four regions that a coordinate plane is divided into by the x-axis and y-axis?


What is the quadrant of y equals 0?

y=0 is a horizontal line on the x-axis. Therefore, it does not lie in any quadrant.

What is a quadtrant?

A vertical line passing through 0, commonly called the y-axis, and a horizontal line passingg through 0, commonly called the x-axis, divide the plane into 4 quadrants. Moving counter-clockwise from the positive x-axis, in the 1st quadrant x and y are both positive, in the 2nd quadrant x is negative and y is positive, in the third quadrant both x and y are negative and in the fourth quadrant x is positive and y is negative. Hope this helps.

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