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Find the part of the ruler where the inch is divided into eight parts. Then count along seven. Seven eights is almost a whole inch. It is half a quarter MORE than three quarters.

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Q: Where is seven eighth of an inch on a ruler?
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Where is an eighth inch on a ruler?

It's between the Seventh and the Ninth of an inch.

How high is three-eighths of an inch and how do I find it on a ruler is it below one eighth of an inch or where is it on a standard ruler?


How many millimeters in seven eighth inch?

Seven eighth inch are 7/8 = 0.875 times an inch. 0.875 inch are 22.225 millimeters.

What is the measure of a line to the nearest one eighth of an inch in a ruler?

The answer will depend on the line!

Where on a ruler is an eighth of an inch?

1/8 = 2/16 = 4/32 = 8/64

Are there 4 eighth inches in an inch?

There 4 eighth inches in a half inch and 8 eighth inches in an inch.

What fractional parts are on a six inch ruler?

inch ruler

How long can a butterflies wing be?

A butterflies wing can start at about an eighth of an inch an increase to the wing span of an amazing 12 inches! That is a whole ruler!

Where is the one and five eights mark on ruler?

All you have to do is find the eighth marks, start at one inch, and find 5/8ths after the one.

What is smaller one eighth inch or three eighth inch?

Which do you think is smaller - 1 or 3

Who was the ninth ruler of the Inca's?

The one that came after the eighth ruler of course.

How long is an eighth of an inch?

If you can draw a line 1 inch long and divide it into 8 equal parts, then each of the segments would be an eighth of an inch long

What is the difference between an inch ruler and a centimeter ruler?

an inch ruler is 2.5cm and a cm is the same but smaller.....saichona

What approximate 68 inch to the nearest eighth of an inch?

It's already there.

What is an eighth of an inch?

an eight of an inch is 3mm or 0.3cm

What is half of a quarter inch?

One-eighth of an inch.

How many quarter inches long is an eighth inches?

An eighth of and inch is half of a quarter of an inch!

Is a 5mm spike equal to a one eighth inch spike?

No, one eighth of an inch is 3.175mm and is therefore shorter than 5mm (there are 25.4mm to an inch).

What do you do when you only have and inch ruler but not a cm ruler?

You count each inch each as 2.54cm. So, a 12-inch ruler equals 12 x 2.54 = 30.48cm

What is one eighth of an inch?

One eighth of an inch is one inch divided into eight parts. Therefore, there are eight divisions to one inch. Having grown up with inches and parts thereof, it is difficult to describe the actual distance an eighth (1/8th of an inch) occupies.

How many centimeters are there in one eighth of an inch?

There are 2.54 centimetres in one inch. Therefore, one eighth of an inch is equal to 2.54 / 8 = 0.3175 centimetres.

How many tenths of an inch is one eighth of an inch?

1.25 tenths of an inch.

What is 6.687898089171975 in rounded to the nearest one-eighth inch?

6.687898089171975 inches rounded to the nearest one-eighth inch is 6.75

What is 375 of an inch?

an eighth of an inch... just over 3mm

How big is .39 on a ruler?

That depends on the ruler. If you refer to a 1 foot ruler, divided in inches and sub-inch divisions, then 0.39 inch is a more than a quarter inch, and less than a half inch.

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