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There is no place where there is a call!

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Q: Where is the call when a decimal number ends or terminates?
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A decimal number that ends or terminates?

Terminating decimal

What is a decimal number called when it ends or terminates?

A terminating number. It can also be called a rational number.

A decimal that ends or terminates is called what?

terminating and non-terminating decimal

What is a decimal whose digits end?

a terminating decimal. An example is the decimal for 1/4 is .25 and that ends or terminates.

What do we call a decimal number that ends or recurs?

It is a decimal representation of a rational number.

What do you call a decimal that ends with no remainder?

A decimal without a remainder is a whole number or integer.

Is 0.36 repeating irrational?

No. It is rational: 0.363636... = 36/99 = 4/11 Any decimal which terminates or ends in a repeating sequence of digits is a rational number.

Is 3.1214122144 an irrational number?

No, this is a rational number.It is 975,441,317/312,500,000.In general, any number which has a decimal representation that either terminates (ends after some finite length) or repeats is a rational number (not an irrational one). Because this decimal expansion terminates, it is a rational number.However, there are an infinite number of irrational numbers which begin with 3.1214122144.... Generally, we notate the approximation with the ellipses (...) and know we cannot record in a decimal form its exact value.NAOMI WAS HERE

Is 3.67 a terminating decimal?

As written there is nothing to indicate that anything follows the 7, so it terminates (ends). → Yes, 3.67 is a terminating decimal.

Is 0135 a rational number?

Yes it is, it can be written in a fraction and it ends/terminates.

Is 1.88 an irrational or rational number?

Rational. It can be written in a fraction and it terminates/ends.

What do you call a decimal that never ends?

A non-terminating decimal.