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Turn signal or emergency, they're both located under your drivers side kick-panel.

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Q: Where is the flasher in a 1996 Geo Prism?
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What kind of refrigerant is in a 1996 Geo Prism?


1996 geo prism tires?


Airbags Geo Prism?

Yes the Geo Prism has ait bags.

Where is a fuel filter located on a 1996 Geo Prism?

Who cares... those cars suck

What is the fuel tank capacity on 1996 geo prism?

The fuel capacity is 13 US gallons

Where is the cabin filter located in a 1996 Geo prism?

if your talking about a cabin air filter (not equiped)

Where do you locate the cigarette lighter fuse on a 1996 Geo prism car?

In the inside fuse pannel

What is the drive axle nut size on 1995 geo prism?

The 1996 uses a 30mm nut.

Where is the windshield washer pump located on a 1996 geo prism?

it's located in the washer holding tank

What is a prism maker?

GM made a small car called the geo prism. GM Chevrolet or GEO

Where is the fuel filter located on a 91 geo prism?

where is the fuel filter located on a 91 geo prism?

Why would a 1993 Geo Prism blinkers stop working even though the fuse has been changed?

You have either a bad flasher, or one of the bulb's are burnt out.

How do you get the 4 ways to work on a 1996 Geo Metro?

The emergency flasher relay is more than likely defective. Replace it.

Where do you fill the brake fluid on a 1996 Geo Prism LSI?

in the fill resivor attached to the master cylinder assembaly

How many gallons in fuel tank for geo prism 1996?

50 liters OR 13.2 gallons

How do you fix a Turn signal for a 1996 Geo Metro?

If the turn signal bulbs work but just do not flash, replace the Flasher Relay.

Is there more than one thermostat on a 1996 Geo prism and where is it located?

Should be at the engine end of the upper radiator hose

Where is your brake light switch on a 1996 Geo Prism?

The break light switch is located on the backside of the break peddle arm.

How do you change the starter on a 1991 Geo Prism?

Same answer as: "How do you replace a starter on a 92 Geo Prism LSI or GSI?" at this same site.

Where is the thermal flasher located in a 1995 Geo Tracker?

I don't know what a thermal flasher is.

Where is flasher on 1996 road king?

flasher on 1996 Harley roadking

Would a 1992 geo prism engine fit into a 1996 geo tracker to include the transmission?

No. The Prism motor is a Toyota motor and side mounted. The Tracker motor(suzuki) is mounted with the engine from front to back, so it will not work without a lot(I mean a lot) of work to do it.

Where is the fuel pump located on a 1996 Geo Prism?

I am not 100% sure about the 1996 but on the 1994 it is located in the fuel tank. You need to remove the back seats to expose the mounting bolts.

What was the last year geo prism was made?

what year was geo prisms made

What year did the geo prism use a 3 cylinder engine?

The Geo Metro was the only Geo to have a 3cylinder engine.