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The perimeter is both on the outside and the inside of a shape, as it is basically the outside wall/border of a shape and can therefore be viewed from the outside or the inside.

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Q: Where is the perimeter outside or inside?
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Related questions

Is perimeter the inside?

Perimeter is the outside of a shape

Is the perimeter the inside of a shape or the outside?

Perimeter is the outside. The area is the inside of a shape.

Is the perimeter in the inside of the shape or the outside?


How are area and perimeter different from each other?

The perimeter is the outside of a shape and the area is the inside of it

How do you know that area is this and perimeter is that?

You know because the area is the distance inside a polygon and a perimeter is the distance outside a polygon.

Why do you not count the spaces inside the grid?

Because perimeter means outside.

Is perimeter and area the same?

No , perimeter is the measurement outside of the shape; the border. Area is the measurement of inside of the shape.

When calculating square footage for new structure do you calculate from inside wall to inside wall or from the outside perimeter to outside?

That depends on why you need the square footage. For building permits, tax assessments, etc. it is the outside; for floor covering of course the inside...

Make a rectangle tha covers 8 square units and has a perimeter of 12 units around the outside?

make a rectangle that covers 8 square units inside and has a perimeter of 12 units around the outside

What is the difference between the area and perimeter?

The area is everything inside of a shape. Eg. the area (inside) a square or the area in a room. The perimeter is the outside edge. Eg. the edge of the square or the walls of a room.

What is the perimeter of a room 10 ft by 11 ft?

I would assume it to be 42 ft depending if you are talking about the inside of the room or the outside perimeter

What is perimeter and area?

area is the inside of a shape and the perimeter is the outside of an shape

What is the meaning of perimeter and area?

perimeter means inside of shape and u addarea means outside of shape and u multiplyperimeter and area questions

What is the same about area and perimeter?

area is the amount inside the object and permeter is the amount outside of it. To find area you do length times width. To find perimeter you add all the sides together.

What is a perimeter and an area?

perimeter is the total ft, inches, cen.... add up to at the outside of a shape area is the total ft, inches, cen... add up to inside a sape

What is the area of a peremeter?

Well, area is inside and first of all that's not how you spell peremeter its perimeter. here's a trick: think of an object and rim is the outside cuz rim is the word inside perimeter, gett it?

How do you figure outside dimension of a square acre?

You don't have to figger: a square acre has a perimeter of 208.7 fett on all four sides. But you can find the square root of the 43560 square feet inside an acre to get the perimeter measuremnets.

How are a cells shape and function related?

They are relatedbecause a function is when something goes in it and comes out again differently. A cell has a membrane and it lets things in and sorts them out so when they come back out they are different. A shape has a perimeter and an area. The area is the inside of the shape and the perimeter is the outside. So they are related by the fact that they all either go in and come out differently or the fact that the inside and the outside is differently. (By the way I am only 11 years old!!!!)

How many sides to a circle?

This can be a tricky question. When speaking of polygons like a square or trapezoid, "sides" refers to linear, perimeter edges, with a square having four. However, if it refers to boundaries such as inside and outside, a circle has an interior (inside) and exterior (outside) and has 2 sides by that reference.

What is the difference between area and perimeter?

Area is how much space is in a object or place can obtain. perimeters is is the distance around an object or place.Area is the space inside the object. Perimeter is the distance around the outside of the object. Formulas are as follows: A=LW for Area and P=2L +2W for PerimeterArea is the object in the inside and the perimeter is the distance outside the object. the area would be lenghth times width. the perimeter is 1 lenghth + 1width+ the other length+ the other widthP.S. For all of you that are lazy this is easy!!!From- A 5th Grader-

What do you call the distance all the way round a circle?

Its called a perimeter, cause a perimeter is the outside, so it must be a perimeter! :)

What is perimeter in geometry?

in geometry, perimeter is the length around the outside of an object.

What does the perimeter mean?

Perimeter means the distance around the outside of a shape.

What is inside when it is outside and what is outside when it is inside?

inside when its outside is outside because inside is outside answer = outsidesame with outside being inside answer = inside

What is the difference between the perimeter and the area of a polygon?

Perimeter is the distance around the outside. Area is the space inside. By multiplying length times width The area is found. Perimeter is the sum of sides The distance all around.