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Remember that the thousandths place is behind the zero. The thousandths place or any place value is the same no matter how big the number is.

Think of the decimal as the O in ones place

(hint: think of this only when you are trying to find the place value of numbers behind the decimal)



So the decimal stand for ones

The 2 stands for tenths

3 is for hundredths

4 is for thousandths

5 stands for ten thousandths

6 place value hundred thousandths

7's place value is millionths

(hope this helps)

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Q: Where is the thousandths place on big numbers?
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What is pi in numbers to the thousandths place?


What is the place of the 8 in 851.7609?

The 8 is in the hundreds As for the other numbers... 5- tens place 1- ones place 7-tenth place 6-hundredth place 0- thousandths place 9-ten thousandths place

How do you round numbers to the nearest thousandth?

The thousandths place digit is the third digit to the right of the decimal point.Look at the digit to the right of that one (the ten thousandths place).If that digit is 0-4, then the thousandths digit doesn't change.If that digit is 5-9, then add 1 to the thousandths place digit and carry over the rest of the addition if the thousandths digit is a 9.Truncate at the thousandths place (discard all digits to the right of it)

How do you get three numbers between 0.33 and 0.34?

Go to the thousandths place or smaller. There is plenty of room.

Six and twelve thousandths in numbers?

Six and twelve thousandths in numbers = 6.012

What place comes after the ten thousandths place?

the hundred thousandths place

What is eighty-nine hundred-thousandths in numbers?

Eighty-nine hundred-thousandths in numbers = 0.00089

What is the thousandths place in 6285.9273?

eight is in the thousandths place * * * * * No. It is the 7.

What is 0.846 in the thousandths place?

0.846 in the thousandths place is 6.

What is the thousandths place of 3.25?

the thousandths place of 3.25 is 0

Which number is in the thousandths place 0.331?

The number '1' is in the thousandths place.

What is the value of the number in the thousandths place 1.985?

1.9855 is in the thousandths place.