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The zero point for longitude runs trough (is in) Greenwich, England.

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Q: Where is the zero point for longitude?
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What is a line of longitude that measures zero?

The longitude of every point on the Prime Meridian is zero.

What is the prime meridians line of longitude?

The longitude of every point on the Prime Meridian is zero.

Which longitude is at zero degrees?

Every point at that location has a longitude of zero. If you mark a dot at every point there, they form the line known as the "Prime Meridian".

What is the latitude and longitude of the point of the equator and the international date line?

The point where they cross is zero latitude / 180° longitude.

The equator is at 0 degrees what?

Every point on the equator is at zero latitude, and one point on it is also at zero longitude.

Why is the prime meridian important to longitude?

It marks the zero point.

How many degrees is the longitude in the prime meridian?

The Prime Meridian is defined as the origin of longitude. The longitude of every point on it is zero.

The starting point for measuring latitude is called the what?

For Latitude, the Equator is the zero point. For Longitude, the Prime Meridian at Greenwich UK, is the starting point of zero.

What is the starting degrees point of longitude?

Zero degrees longitude is the prime meridian, the line of longitude that passes through Greenwich, England.

The equator is located at what longitude?

There is a point on the equator at everylongitude.All of them have zero latitude.

What is the continent or ocean where the equator and the prime meridian cross what is the latitude and longitude of that point?

-- Gulf of Guinea, south of Accra, Ghana -- Since everywhere on the equator is zero latitude, and everywhere on the Prime Meridian is zero longitude, the point that is common to both had better have the coordinates zero/zero .

Where do you begin measuring lines of longitude?

The Prime Meridian - in Greenwich, England - is where the starting point for measuring longitude is.