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Q: Where should you place the top view in third angle projection?
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What are the 2 types of oblique drawing?

first angle projection and third angle projection.

What are the advantages of third angle projection over the first angle projection?

Neglecting term "opposite".. In third angle projection, what we see are what are we going to draw

Can you show me the difference between first and third angle projection?

In a first angle projection, the object stands in between the observer and the plane of projection. In a third angle project, the object and the plane of projection is interchanged.

Which angle of projection using in India?

third angle

What advantage does first angle orthographic projection have over third angle orthographic projection?


Where has third angle projection been used?

thrid angle projection is officially used in Australia, for a fact, not lying!!

Distinguish between First Angle Projection method and third angle projection method?

right side view draw in left side and left side view draw in right side is called third angle projection

What are the two main types of projection in autocad?

first angle, third angle

What is difference between 1st angle and 3rd angle projection?

Both third angle and first angle projection display the standard three orthographic views of a part or assembly on a drawing.. The key difference between third angle and first angle is the layout of the part on the sheet.

Which countries are using second angle of projection?

any country using in second r fourth angle projection r else what r the advantages between first angle and third angle projetion

What is different between 1st angle and 3rd angle?

Basically its just where you position the views of the main object, in first angle projection, if you view the object from the left, the view is drawn to the right of the object, in third angle projection, its drawn on the viewing side.

Why second and third angle projections not used in orthographic projections?

because 2nd and 4th angle projection overlap each other