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8/40 are absent.

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Q: Where there are 40 pupils in a class. If 32 are present what fraction is absent?
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If 2 children are absent from a class of twenty what fraction of the class is missing?

18 over 20 or 8 over 10 as a simplified fraction

What percent of the class was absent if five eights of the class is absent?

62.5% of the class is absent.

Collective noun for pupils?

A dilation of pupils

What is group of pupils called?

A group of pupils is called a class.

A group of pupils?

A group of pupils is a class of students.

What is a collective noun of a number of pupils in a class?

The noun class is a collective noun for a group of pupils (students).

Can you give me Sentences about absent?

Ashley was absent from Class today.

What is the collective noun for pupils?

There is actually one, it took a bit of finding, 'a dilation of pupils'.If you are referring to students, the collective noun for students will also work: a class of pupils.

Group of pupils called?


What is a number of pupils called?


How many pupils will represent 20 percent of a class of 40?

8 pupils

Group of pupils?

A group of pupils is known as students and a class or students in a classroom.

What is the plural of absent?

the plural of absent is absents. As in "there are a few absents in the class".

What is a collective noun for group of pupils?

There is no standard collective noun for a group of pupils, but the collective noun for students will work very well: a class of pupils.Note: The standard collective noun for pupils is 'a dilation of pupils', but that may refer to pupils of the eye.

What is a group of school pupils called?

The collective noun for students is a class of pupils.

Maximum in a sentence?

my class have a maximum of pupils

What do you call a group of schoolchildren?

Class of pupils

A class of 12 pupils averaged 68 percent in a test another class of 45 pupils averaged 49 percent in the same test find the average score for the 57 pupils?


What is the cause of being absent in class?

i was in riyadh .

How many pupils are there in 1 GEP class in Nanyang Primary School?

There are 26-27 pupils in 1 GEP class in Nanyang Primary School.

How many pupils are there in a class in China?

Average Chinese class size is 45 students.

If there are 32 students in a class and 4 students were absent what percent of kids were absent?

like about 19 or 20 %

Raja was absent for the class yesterday.what is the mistake?

The question was posted several years ago so Raja was not absent from the class yesterday. He no longer goes to school!

What is a 5 letter word for list of pupils?

rolls? class?

Why did the teacher wore sunglasses to class?

Because she had bright pupils !