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Where you have an arithmetic progression, quite possibly.

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Q: Where to use arithmetic progression formulae?
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What is the sum of the first 450 consecutive odd numbers?

You can use one of the formulae for the sum of an arithmetic progression to calculate that.

Is Use of arithmetic progression in daily life?

arithmetic progression is used in 10 class boards...... a time pass

Practical use of arithmetic progression?

Arithmetic progression and geometric progression are used in mathematical designs and patterns and also used in all engineering projects involving designs.

What is the mathematical concept of arithmetic progression?

i need mathematical approach to arithmetic progression and geometric progression.

What is the history of arithmetic progression?

The history of arithmetic progression started with Euler. Later is was refined by Dirichlet which led to his theory of arithmetic progression.

What are the role of arithmetic progression in daily life?

application of arithmetic progression in daily life ?

What are application of arithmetic progression in real life?

the reproductive cycle of bacteria follows arithmetic progression

What is an arithmetic series?

An arithmetic series is the sum of the terms in an arithmetic progression.

Mathematical designs patterns using arithmetic progression?

what do you mean by mathematical designs using arithmetic progression

Suggest a project on arithmetic progression for tenth?

Airthmetic Progression

What is the uses of arithmetic progression?

When quantities in a given sequence increase or decrease by a common difference,it is called to be in arithmetic progression.

Who was the founder of arithmetic progression?


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