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Q: Which equation represents the graphed function?
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What best describes a linear function?

A linear function is a function, or equation, that when graphed, will form a straight line.

Is the equation for a circle a function?

The equation for a circle is a function in that it can be graphed and charted. One common equation is x^2 + y^2 = r^2.

What is the range for the function graphed as shown?

As shown, the function has neither range nor domain.

What is a quadratic equation when graphed?

The graph (on Cartesian coordinates) of a quadratic equation is a parabola.

Which quadratic function when graphed has x-intercepts of -5 and 2?

(x + 5)(x - 2)x2 + 3x - 10this is your quadratic equation

Does the equation y equals 2x plus 1 represent a function?

The [ 2x + 1 ] represents a function of 'y' .

What is an equation that forms a line when graphed?


A linear equation cannot always be graphed by using intercepts alone?

Yes it can. A linear equation in the form of y=mx+b can always be graphed used the x and y intercepts.

What are the uses of derivatives?

A derivative of a function represents that equation's slope at any given point on its graph.

How do you determine if a relation represents a function?

If the function is a straight line equation that passes through the graph once, then that's a function, anything on a graph is a relation!

When a function is graphed is the dependent variable usually measured along the x-axis?

When a function is graphed, the dependent variable is usually measured along the y-axis. This is because y is the function of x.

How do you solve an equation with 2 variables?

You don't. An equation with two variables can be graphed as a line or a curve on x-y coordinates. When you do that, EVERY point on the line or curve satisfies the equation. You can't 'solve' it ... i.e. come up with unique values for 'x' and 'y' ... until you have another equation. It represents another line or curve on the graph, and the 'solution' represents the point (or points) where the graphs of the two equations intersect.

What is a function that forms a line when graphed called?

It is a continuous function. If the line is a straight line, it is a linear function.

What is the equation f?

The letter f represents function notation, and replaces y as a variable. f(x)=ax+b is a linear function.

What is the equation of a linear graph?

[ y = mx + b ] is.m = the slope of the graphed lineb = the 'y' value where the graphed line crosses the y-axis.

What form does a linear function take?

A linear function when graphed takes the form of a straight line.

Why do equivalent ratios form a straight line when graphed Why do equivalent ratios form a straight line when graphed Why do equivalent ratios form a straight line when graphed Why do equivalent ratio?

Suppose y represents the numerator of the fraction and x represents the denominator.A = (x1, y1) and B = (x2, y2) are equivalent fractions if y1/x1 = y2/x2 = some constant m. Then all points representing equivalent fractions are on the straight line whose equation is y = mx.

Is x plus y2 equals 25 a linear equation?

No, not if the y is squared. When graphed the equation will not form a straight line.

What information is contained in the graph's y-axis?

the output of the function which is graphed

What is the shape graphed by the function r=1+sin theta?


What is y equals -x 4?

It is a linear equation of two variables. When graphed, it is a line.

what is the name of the shape graphed by the function r^2 = 9cos(2theta)?


Which equation represents sublimation?

Sublimation hasn't an equation.

What is a mere relation?

A relation is an expression that is not a function. A function is defined as only having one domain per range, meaning that when graphed, a function will have no two points on the same vertical line. If your expression is graphed and two points do appear on the same vertical line, it is a relation, not a function.

Why is y equals -8 a function?

y = -8 is a function because when graphed, it passes the vertical line test.