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There is no clockwise or counterclockwise in space, as clockwise and counterclockwise are based on your point of perspective. Imagine a clock having a transparent face; if you look at it from behind its hands will appear to run counter-clockwise!

As far as oddballs, Venus is the only retrograde planet in our solar system -- meaning all the planets spin (rotate) daily in roughly the same direction, except Venus (tilted 177 degrees, its 'north' is everyone else's 'south') and Uranus (tilted 98 degrees, so it's been knocked on its side somehow).

Nitpicky: While Venus is the only planet with a retrograde rotation, some newly discovered Kuiper Belt Objects and comets have been found to have retrograde motion.

New auther- Although that is true if you think of spinning in an opposite direction that continues the question. I don't know the answer but if there aren't any than there are many myths/theorys about it. Example- in atoms, there's a theory that there might be matter in existence in which the electrons spin in an opposite direction.

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Q: Which are the anticlockwise rotations in the universe?
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