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Mean numbers are the average. To find the mean or the average, you have to add all the numbers in the data and you divide the sum by the total number of numbers there are. You divide the sum by how much numbers there are. For example, if the data numbers for a line plot is 1,2,3,4,2,0. You do this:

1+2+3+4+2+0=12 (Add all the numbers together)

12 divided by 6 = 3 (Take the sum and divide by how much numbers there are)

3 = mean number or average

So you just take the numbers from the data or if you're gonna plot it on a line, just take those numbers that you're going to plot and do what I did up there.

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Q: Which are the mean numbers on a number line or symbol on a line plot?
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its like a number on top of a number. sort of like a fraction... the dots are numbers and the line is like the fraction bar.

What does number line mean?

A picture of a straight line that serves as abstraction for real numbers.

How do you find the mean of a line plot?

Add all the numbers together, then divide by the number of numbers.

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The separater to make the negative and positive numbers opposites?

What is the symbol for mode in statistics?

_ X is the Mean (not mode.. mode is the most common, mean is the sum of all numbers divided by the number of numbers there are in the data set) : I dont think there is a symbol for mode, ill ask my teacher tomorrow morning ;)

What is the name of the highest number in a number line?

There is no highest number. Even if the numbers end from sight, the arrows mean that it goes on forever.

What is the mean median mode and range?

Mean is another word for average. you can find the mean by adding all the numbers and dividing them by how many numbers there are. median is the number in the middle of a line of numbers. you line up all the numbers in ascending (going higher) order and cross off one number on the end each time. mode is the number most often repeated in the numbers. range is the difference between the highest and lowest number. to find the range you subtract the lowest number from the highest number.

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You start from the left and end at the right

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What is the definition of the word mean math related?

This word is were you add up all the numbers on a line plot and then divide the number by the number of number they're.

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