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Q: Which characteristic belongs only in section 2 of the diagram?
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Why is the violin in the string section?

Its main (and only) method of producing sound is the vibration of its strings, thus it belongs in the stringssection.

What is a characteristic of an animal that can help you determine which animal kingdom it belongs to?

There is only one animal kingdom - Animalia. Therefore, all animals belong to that kingdom.

What is the purpose of an overlapped section on a venn diagram?

To show that 2 or more properties or conditions all exist only in the overlapping sections.

How do you read a venn diagram with 2 circles in math?

A Venn diagram is basically showing two activities that a group of people do, and the place where the two circles overlap shows the amount of people which do BOTH the activities. For example, if the two circles represent tennis and basketball. Those who are in the basketball circle, and not in the overlapped section, they only do basketball. Those in the tennis circle, and not in the overlapped section, only do tennis. Those in the overlapped section do both basketball and tennis.

Where can one find free online games for a girl?

Most game sites have a section apart for girls, when searching for a site only for games that belongs for girls have a look at the website named girlsgogames.

What is a tree diagram in statistics?

a tree diagram is sorta partly like a mango diagram only with trees

What system does the brain belongs to?

The brain belongs to the Nervous system. It is the only major organ in that system.nervous system

Is kamboj thind belongs to bc caste?

actually thind belongs to kamboj caste only enough.

Is there Fuse diagram for 2001 ford excursion?

You can view the 2001 Ford Excursion owners manual online at : www . motorcraft service . com ( no spaces ) Click on Owner Guides ( the fuses and relays section starts on page 149 , the manual has the diagram and list for the fuse panel , but for the Power Distribution Box located in the engine compartment it only has the list , no diagram )

What is find the values of the variables in the parallelogram the diagram is not the scale?

The diagram is not only not the scale, it is not even there!

Where are stars on the hr diagram?

The HR diagram contains only stars - so everywhere.

What is schematic block and pictorial diagram?

the difference between the pictorial diagram and schematic diagram is that the pictorial diagram shows the external appearance of the circuit.while the schematic diagram shows only the electrical symbol of the circuit..