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Q: Which component has Rf value of 1?
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What does it mean if the Rf value is 1?

It means that the component will move with the solvent.

What is the component tht have Rf value is 0.56?

yellow :)

What is rf value and how is determine?

the mobility of any component in a particular solvent is referred to as its RF value. Mathematically, RF value = distance travelled by solute/ distance travelled by the solvent

How do you solve the Rf value in Column Chromatography?

Measure the distance from your marked pencil line to the solvent front. Also measure the distance fomr the marked pencil line to the middle of the spot, and divide this by the first distance. This value will be between 0 and 1.

How do you find the rf value?

the rf value equals the distance of the component from the starting point divided by the distance of the solvent from the starting point.

What is the maximum and RF value can be?

1, if it completely solube in the solvent, it will travel with it, right to the solvent front.

Define the Rf value?

RF value (in chromatography) The distance travelled by a given component divided by the distance travelled by the solvent front

If the solvent front moves 8 cm and a component in a sample being analysed moves 3.2 cm from the baseline what is the Rf value for this component?

3.2/8 = check it....

What is the rf value of cocaine?

Rf is about .45

How do you define the retention value of a chemical species?

The Retention Value(Rf) of a chemical species is the relative distance a particular component moves in relation to the distance the solvent front moves.

What is rf value of eugenol?

The Rf value depends on the type of plate used and solvents.

How does saturation effect RF value?

Saturation affects the RF value in a significant manner. With saturation of the air, this will result into high RF value which cause poor resolution.Ê