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Believe it or not, the Indian culture discovered magic squares first. However, many people tend to believe the Chinese invented this game.

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Q: Which culture discovered magic squares first?
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Is pascal's triangle related to magic squares?

no the magic squares is a way different thing

Who discovered magic squares and how?

once in china, a turtle arrived at a river bank and people noticed that it was having some designs on its back . these designs then turned into magic square

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How is magic squares related to math?

its not

What is an answer to a 4x4 magic squares with 10-5 numbers?

swer in a 4x4 magic squares with 10-=25 numbers in each column?

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What is magic about the arrangement of the numbers in the 8x8 cell square?

While they may have been called magic squares, there is absolutely nothing magical about them. The arrangement of numbers in magic squares is all very rational.

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When was magic discovered?

Magic was descovered in 100 by Merlin

What is special about Magic Squares?

Magic squares are grids of numbers that add up to the same number in each row, each column and both long diagonals. ■

Can magic squares equal something that is not 15?

Yes. Just add the same number to each square and see what happens. Also, there are magic squares of different sizes.

What has the author Seymour S Block written?

Seymour S. Block has written: 'Sudoku and magic squares' -- subject(s): Sudoku, Magic squares, Mathematical recreations

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8888888x88888888= 1zillion

Which great American used to concoct magic squares when political debates become tedious?

Benjamin Franklin would concoct magic squares when debates got rather tedious

Who did magic squares originate from?

math squares are a good an usefull tool but we may never now who made them lol

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This is a game show now replaying on the retro channel.