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China, probably between the 10th and 2nd century BCE.

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Q: Which culture was first to use negative numbers?
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What culture was the first to use negative integers?

The Chinese and Hindu were the first to use negative integers

Which culture was the first to use negative integers?


Which cultures were the first to use negative numbers?

The first place to use negative integers was China around 200 B.C

What countries were the first to use negative numbers?


What cultures were the first to use negative numbers?

The Chinese

What cultures where the first to use negative numbers and what contributions did they make?


What culture was the first to use to negative numbers?

The Chinese. Negative numbers appear for the first time in history in the Nine Chapters on the Mathematical Art, which in its present form dates from the period of the Han Dynasty (202 BC - AD 220)

Why you use negative numbers?

we use negative numbers because if negative numbers wont be dere den den positive numbers wont also be dere so dere wont be any number.

How do you use negative and positive numbers in everyday?

negative numbers> temperature.

What are some ways you use negative numbers in everyday life?

Some people work as a teacher or a mathmetition, they use negative numbers in their everyday lives. Some people use negative numbers when they are overdue.

Why do you use negative numbers in Math?

You use negative numbers to represent subtractions (10-5 is same as 10 + -5) Also, you use these to represent things that can be negative.

How many three digit numbers add up to 17?

An infinite number if you can use positive and negative numbers.

What are 10 real life situations do we use negative numbers?

Negative numbers are often used when there are opposites; in this case, one of the opposites is assigned positive numbers, the other, negative numbers. For example, you might:* Use positive numbers for positions above sea level, and negative for below sea level. * Use positive numbers for money you have in your bank account; negative numbers for money you owe others. * Use positive numbers for northern latitudes, and negative numbers for southern latitudes. Or vice versa. * There are lots of other situations where opposites are involved, but you probably get the idea.

Which culture was the first to use integers?

Integers are the whole numbers. Indian and Chinese mathematician were the first to contribute in the concept of using integers.

How do you use negative rational numbers?

Negative rational numbers are used in the same way that negative whole numbers are used: they are simply the additive inverses of their positive counterparts.

What happened 16th century that caused people to use negative numbers?

they wanted numbers below zero and called them negative numbers

What are things you use negative numbers for?

There are lots of things people use negative numbers for. You use negative numbers when you see temperature and sea levels. In stock markets and in banks negative numbers are used. Go look in the freezer, negative numbers there. Play golf? Football? Football field there is negative numbers. Also when you borrow money, you have $0, then you want to buy ice cream, which is $1. So you borrow your friend's money. Now you don't have $0, you have $-0. I wish my explanation helped^^!

Did the Romans use negative numbers?


Which countries use negative and positive numbers?

I am glad you asked, I had some homework on positive and negative numbers and needed info, the countries that use these kind of numbers are definitely USA and the UK.

What was the number that is essential in order to use negative numbers?

the number is 10000 because that is what negative numbers go up to

What happens when you use the Sum function and in the range of cells you find negative numbers?

It will still perform the calculation. The SUM function can deal with positive and negative numbers and it will deal with negative numbers correctly. So there will be no problems or errors if there are negative numbers amongst the numbers in the range of cells that it is calculating.

Which set of numbers would answer how many dolphins in the ocean?

Counting Numbers, Whole Numbers. You can't use Integers as that includes Negative numbers and there isn't a negative number of dolphins.

Why do you use negative numbers?

cause we can that's why

How do weather experts use negative numbers?

Decreases are often represented by negative numbers. Temperatures outside of most tropical regions are occasionally negative on the commonly used scales.

Do game shows use negative numbers?