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Q: Which decimal is bigger 0.8 or 1.3?
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What is the bigger decimal?

Suppose you have two decimal numbers, A and B. If A - B > 0 then A is the bigger decimal, if A - B < 0 then B is the bigger decimal and if A - B = 0, neither is bigger.

When you divide a decimal by a decimal what do you make?

a bigger decimal

Which is bigger the decimal 52.916666 or the decimal 53.125?

53.125 is bigger than 52.916666.

Is the bigger decimal a bigger number?


What decimal is bigger 0.61 or 0.6?

0.61 is bigger.

What decimal is bigger -0.06 or -0.7?

-0.06 is bigger.

Is a repeating or terminating decimal bigger?

Repeating decimal. * * * * * It depends on the numbers! For example, 0.6 < 0.66... < 0.67 By the first inequality the repeatiing decimal is bigger, by the second the terminating one is bigger.

Which fraction is bigger 13 15 or 22 25?

Expressed as a decimal, 13/15 is equal to 0.86 recurring (that is, 0.86666..) Expressed as a decimal, 22/25 is equal to 0.88. Therefore, the larger fraction is 22/25.

How do you put 13 in decimal?

13 in decimal = 13.0

What is 13 over16 as a decimal?

13 over16 as a decimal = 0.812513/16:= 13 ÷ 16= 0.8125 in decimal

What decimal is bigger 0.504 or 0.543?

It is: 0.543 which is the larger decimal

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