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Q: Which decimal number shows four and five tenths in standard form?
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what decimal number shows two and three thousandths in standard form?


Which decimal number shows six and thirty- one hundredths in standard notation?


Which decimal number shows four and fifty-eight hundredths in standard notation?


Which decimal number shows four and twenty-five hundredths in standard notation?


What is a number that has a digit in the tenths place hundredths place and beyond?

It is a decimal number. 0.67 shows a 6 in the tenths column, and 7 in the hundredths column. The next one beyond it the thousandths column.

How is a decimal different from a fraction?

A decimal shows numbers in tenths, hundredths, and other powers of ten. A fraction can be shown in other ways such as elevenths and fifteenths as well as tenths and hundredths.

Why is a decimal smaller than a whole number?

A decimal number is not always smaller than a whole number. This is a decimal number 2.45 The number on the left of the decimal point shows the whole numbers. The numbers on the right of the point shows the parts/fractions. This number is not a whole number .098 This number is a whole number 2.00 This number has whole numbers and parts/fractions of the whole 2.098

What is the decimal number shows five and thirty nine hundreds?

It is 5.39

What does a point stand for when in a mathematical phrase?

A point separates the whole numbers from the decimal numbers. The point is called a decimal place, and anything after the decimal place symbolises a fraction of a number.For example, 1.5 = 1 and a halfThe 5 is in the 'tenths' column, which means any number in that column = 1/10 x the number, so in this case, 1/10 x 5 = 0.5 = a half.If you have a number like 1.25, the 2 is in the 'tenths' column, and the 5 is in the 'hundredths' column.This shows 1 + 2 tenths (2/10) + 5 hundredths (5/100), which is the same as one and a quarter.

How do you write nine tenths in standard form?

0.9 that is how you write nine-tenths in standard form

What is a decimal point in place value?

The decimal point is not a digit, and it has no place value. It only shows youthe place in a number where whole things are on one side and pieces of thingsare on the other side. It's the boundary line between the tenths place and theunits (ones) place.

What is a way to write a number that shows the place value of each digit?

What is a decimal

In the number 706 what is the meaning of the 0 in the tens place?

It basically just shows that the number is in the hundreds. If it wasn't there, it would be in the tenths place.

What is the leading decimal in a decimal?

The decimal that shows the most place value.

What is the usual way of writing a number that shows only its digits no words?

Standard notation is the usual way of writing a number that only shows digits.

What is the period that separates two digits in a number called?

It is called the decimal point. We say "point". For example 3.25 cakes is "three point two five cakes". The decimal point shows that the number on its left is the last whole number. In the above example, you have three whole cakes. The number in the next place on the right tells you how many tenths of a cake there are, in this case two-tenths of a cake. The number in the next place on the right tells you how many hundredths of a cake there are, in this case five-hundredths of a cake. 0.1 (zero point one) is one tenth. 0.04 (zero point zero four) is four hundredths.

The second place after a decimal point tells how many of these?

The number in the second place after the decimal point shows the value of hundredths.EXAMPLE 0.345 : The '4' represents 4/100.

What is the place value for 0 in 6.02?

It shows you that there are no tenths 1/10

What shows thirty-eight hundredths as a decimal?

38/100 as a decimal is 0.38

In veronica's art class 5 out of 9 speak spanishwhat decimal number shows?

This is 5/9. 5/9 becomes the repeating decimal .5555555.... or you can round it to .56

What decimal shows 1 whole?


What shows 60.1 percent as a decimal?


How do you Round up 918.963255 to the nearest tenth?

Look at the digit after the tenths digit; if it is half way or more add one to the tenths digit otherwise leave it alonereplace all digits to the right of the tenths digit by zerosRemove any trailing zeros after the decimal point after the tenths digit.digit after tenths digit is 6, more than halfway (5) so add one to tenths: 9+1=10, so carry the 1 to the units digit: 8+1=9 → 919.0...919.000000919.0⇒ 918.963255 = 919.0 to the nearest tenth.It can also be written as 919 without the ".0" as it is the same value, but writing the ".0" shows that the number is accurate (rounded) to the nearest tenth.

Which is lease to the greatest 0.2 gram 0.6 gram 0.07 gram 0.38 gram?

The decimal point shows that the number is less than 1. It is a fraction of 1. So you have to know the places to the right of the decimal point. The places are TENTHS, HUNDREDTHS and THOUSANDTHS. Written as .0 .00 .000 If you take the numbers you listed it would be written as 2/10 6/10 7/100 and 38/100 The biggest number after decimal point is the key .6 is first .38 is next .2 is next and .07 is last. If you have two numbers after the decimal that are the same, like .28 and .25 then you would move over the second number after the decimal to see what is bigger.

Which shows 5 20 written as a decimal?

5/20 written in decimal = 0.25