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32 ft square - NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH 32 SQUARE FEET - is 32 ft*32 ft

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Q: Which dimensions has the same area as 32ft square?
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What are the dimensions of a square that has the same area as the perimetre?

4 by 4 units

Does a square with dimensions of 4000 by 4000 have the same area and perimeter?

no the area is 16,000,000 the perimeter is 16,000

What happens to surface area when dimensions are changed by a scale factor?

The area changes by the square of the same factor.

Area to get the surface area of a rectangle?

Multiply the length by the width. If the rectangle is a square the two dimensions will be the same

Do a rectangle and a square have the same area?

Any plane shape can have the same area as any other plane shape if the dimensions are carefully selected

How many square inches is something with the dimensions of 15 x 15 inches?

A "something" with the dimensions of 15x15 inches has an area of 225 square inches. Since the sides are the same, this "something" can be considered as a square.

How many dimensions in a square?

There are 2 dimensions in a square, length and width, which are always the same, due to the nature of a square.

Dimensions of an acre?

If I told you that my bedroom is 168 square feet, would you know the dimensions ?The area doesn't tell the dimensions., In fact, there are an infinite number ofdifferent shapes and dimensions that all have the same area.1 acre is an area of 43,560 square feet. If it's a circle, the diameter is about 235.5 feet.If it's a square, each side is about 208.7 feet. If it's a rectangle, there are an infinitenumber of different combinations of length and width that it could have.

What width and length dimensions equal 387.5 square foot area?

You can't tell the linear dimensions if you only know the area. There are an infinite number of rectangles, with different dimensions, that all have the same area. Here are a few for 387.5 . . . 1 x 387.5 2.5 x 155 3.1 x 125 5 x 77.5 15.5 x 25 19.685 square These all have the same area. There are an infinite number of others.

How do you convert One square foot ito grams?

You do not. A square foot is a measure of area, with dimensions [L2]. A gram is a measure of mass, with dimension [M]. Basic dimensional analysis teaches that you can only convert between measures with the same dimensions.

Is area and perimeter of a square the same?

No. Area and perimeter use different units to begin with; square units and linear units respectively. They can never be the same because they operate in different dimensions. Secondly, area is found by multiplying the dimensions, length times width; in a square this is the length of one side times itself, hence the term 'squaring' to describe such an operation. Perimeter is found by adding all sides; in a square this is effectively four times one side length.

What is an example of two rectangles having the same area but different dimensions?

The area of a rectangle is equal to its length times its width. So any two rectangles for which these dimensions have the same product, the area is the same. For example, a rectangle that is two meters wide and three meters long and one that is one meter wide and six meters long will both have an area of six square meters.