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A hexagonal pyramid because 6=hexagon and if a pyramid has a hexagon on the bottom and triangles on the sides with a point on the top. THERE IS YOUR ANSWER!! IYANA THOMAS SABAL PALM ELEMENTRY

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Q: Which does not have any rectangular faces pentagonal prism hexagonal pyramid rectangula prism or square pyrimd?
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Related questions

Which does not have a rectangular face square pyramid or hexagonal pyramid?

pentagonal prism

Which figure has six faces triangular pyramid square pyramid pentagonal pyramid hexagonal pyramid?

Pentagonal pyramid because a pentagon has five sides and then you have the base.

What 3d shape has more then 1 vertex?

There are an infinite number of shapes. A tetrahedron (triangular pyramid), a square-based pyramid, a pentagonal pyramid, a hexagonal pyramid, etc. A triangular prism, a rectangular prism (cuboid), a pentagonal prism, etc are some examples.

How many triangular and rectangular faces does a pentagonal have?

A pentagonal pyramid has 5 triangular faces and 0 rectangular faces.

How many rectangular faces does an pentagonal pyramid have?


Which geometric solid has 7 faces?

It can be a pentagonal prism or a hexagonal based pyramid

How many flat surfaces do a pyramid has?

It depends on what type of pyramid. Their is an square pyramid, a rectangular pyramid, a pentagonal pyramid, etc.

Is there a three- d shape that has 7 faces?

Yes a hexagonal pyramid and a pentagonal prism

Does a hexagonal pyramid have a rectangular face?

No a hexagonal pyramid has a base of a octagon and six triangles. (:

What shape has 6 face?

A cube, a rectangular prism and a pentagonal pyramid

How many rectangular faces does a hexagonal pyramid have?

Zero rectangular faces

Name for a six sided cone?

A six sided cone is a pyramid technically, and it would be a hexagonal pyramid (if six sides does not include base) or a pentagonal pyramid (if including base.)

What is a prism that has 2 congruent rectangular shaped bases?

Hexagonal Pyramid

Which solid had 8 vertices?

There are many such solids: A heptagonal pyramid A cuboid (or rectangular prism) A hexagonal dipyramid A pentagonal pyramid with a 2-vertex shape on the other side etc.

How many sides is there on a pyramid?

Pyramids are classified by the shape of their base. A triangular pyramid has a triangular base and three triangular side faces. A square pyramid has a square base and four triangular sides. A pentagonal pyramid has a pentagonal base and five triangular sides. A hexagonalpyramid has a hexagonal base and six triangular sides, and so on.

Are rectangular and triangular prisms pentagonal prisms?

A rectangular prism is like a chalkboard eraser. A triangular prism is a pyramid. A pentagonal prism is a three dimensional home plate. None of them are the same.

How many triangular sides does a pyramid have?

It depends on the kind. Triangular pyramid is 4. Square pyramid is 4. Rectangular pyramid is 4. Pentagonal pyramid is 5 and so on.

How many faces vertices and edges does a hexagonal prism oCtagonal prism n-gonal prism triangular pyramid rectangular pyramid pentagonal pyramid hexagonal pyramid n-gonal pyramid?

Name Edges, Faces, VerticesHexagonal Prism 18, 8, 12Octagonal Prism 24, 10, 16A prism with an n-sided base will have 2nvertices, n + 2 faces, and 3n edges.Triangular Pyramid 6, 4, 4Rectangular Pyramid 8, 5, 5Pentagonal Pyramid 10, 6, 6Hexagonal Pyramid 12, 7, 7A pyramid with an n-sided base will have n + 1 vertices, n + 1 faces, and 2n edges.

What is the name for a 3D with 7 vertices's?

A hexagonal pyramid is one possibility. A pentagonal bi-pyramid is another. There are others.

What geometric figure has the same number of faces as a cube?

A rectangular prism, pentagonal pyramid

What is a 7 sided 3d figure called?

It's a pentagonal prism or a hexagonal pyramid. (maybe there are other answers)

What is a hexagonal based pyramid called?

A hexagonal based pyramid is the best description since it is not ambiguous. The shape is a heptahedron but that name could also apply to a pentagonal prism as well as some exotic shapes.

What shape does Not have any rectangular faces?

Many solids have no rectangular faces, including such forms as the hexagonal pyramid and the regular octahedron.

What shape has 7 vertices 7 faces and 12 edges?

Heptagonal prism * * * * * No, a heptagonal prism has 9 faces. The correct answer is a hexagonal pyramid.

What does a rectangular prism hexagonal pyramid and cube have in common?

They are all polyhedra with 12 edges.