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34 is an equivalent expression.

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What is the orgin of the phrase Indian giver?

The phrase was noted in 1765 as an American expression, meaning 'a present for which an equivalent return is expected'

What is common phrase or expression?

an idiomatic expression

What is a coined expression?

A coined expression is a phrase that is very popular or one that is used often. A coined expression can also be a new phrase or an existing phrase or word that is used in a new sense.

Which expression is equivalent to 1/64?


What is a thirtyfour letter word?


What is a verbal phrase written as an expression?

it is a phrase that contains a verb

What expression is equivalent to 8 plus 6?

The expression 9+5 is equivalent.

What is the meaning of kฤซanga?

It is a phrase or an expression.

Which phrase describes the algebraic expression x-21.5?

They are two terms of an algebraic expression.

How do you say the phrase Bite Me in French?

Direct translation would be : "Mord moi", although the expression "bite me" doesn't seem to have a french equivalent

What is logically equivalent exprssions?

If an algebraic expression is equivalent to another algebraic expression then it is an equation.

What actors and actresses appeared in Bravo Six ThirtyFour - 2013?

The cast of Bravo Six ThirtyFour - 2013 includes: Brig Colby as PhD. Ryan Jameson

What part of speech is the phrase thank you?

The phrase thank you is an interjection. It is an expression of gratitude.

Equivalent expression Answer 10x-11x?


Equivalent expression Answer 10x 11x?

The equivalent expression of 10x-11x is -x, or negative x.

What is a verbal phrase that describes the expression?


Is there a phrase 10 planets on earth?

No there is no such expression.

Write the phrase as a variable expression the product of 9 and a number?

The expression is 9*x.

What expression is equivalent to 5x 5y?

5(x-y) is also equivalent to 5x-5y

What does the idiomatic expression 'just what the doctor ordered' mean?

The expression "just what the doctor ordered" is equivalent to "perfectly fitting" or "just what is needed." Exactly what the "doctor ordered" will of course depend on the context in which the phrase appears.

What is numeric expression?

The term "numerical" means "involving numbers" and the term "expression" means "phrase". So a numerical expression is a mathematical phrase involving only numbers and one or more operational symbols.

What expression is equivalent to cot t sec t?

Which expression is equivalent to cot t sec t

Which expression is equivalent to -28xy 35y?

The expression -28x+35 is equivalent to 7y(-4x+5)

What is a zikr?

A zikr (or dhikr) is an Islamic prayer where a phrase or expression of phrase is repeated continually.

How do you write decimal 12.34 into wordds?

twelve point thirtyfour