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A trapezoid or an irregular pentagon are two examples.

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Q: Which figures can have right angles but are not parallelograms?
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What geometric figures do not have right angles?

circles, some quadrilaterals, parallelograms etc etc

Are all parallelograms a rectangle?

No, because to have a rectangle, you need to have four right angles, and parallelograms dont have to have right angles. However, all rectangles are parallelograms.

What has two pairs of parallel sides and four right angles?

Rectangles and squares, sometimes rhombuses and parallelograms are figures that match your description.

Are rectangles are parallelograms?

Parallelograms do not have right angles. A rectangle is a parallelogram but a parallelogram is not a rectangle.

Why are parallelograms not rectangles?

Parallelograms do not have right angles. A rectangle is a parallelogram but a parallelogram is not a rectangle.

How many right angles in a parellelogram?

Generally, there are no right angles in a parallelogram, but rectangles and squares can be seen as special parallelograms, as they have all the qualities needed to be classed as parallelograms, and in addition, they have four right angles.

When are parallelograms rectangles?

When the corner angles are right-angles (90 degrees)

What parallelogram has a right angle?

Rectangles are parallelograms with right angles.

All rectangles are parallelograms. are all parallelograms rectangles explain.?

All parallelograms are not rectangles. The angles of a parallelogram need not be right angles and so the figure need not be a rectangle.

What is parallegram with 4 right angles?

Both a square and a rectangle are parallelograms with 4 right angles

Does a paralellogram have right angles?

a parallelogram is a 4 sided polygon with two pair of parallel sides. So squares and rectangles are parallelograms since they have 2 pair of parallel sides and yes they have right angles, BUT most parallelograms do not have right angles. So the answer is it may have them, but does not need to have them

What is all parallelograms with four right angles?