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Q: Which fraction is the greatest 1third 3 sixth 3 fourth?
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Is one sixth less than one fourth?

Yes, any fraction that has a lower denominator will be smaller.

Is one six smaller than one fourth?

If you have a fraction wall you will see that one quaurter is bigger than a sixth so yes one sixth is smaller...

What is the product of the fourth and sixth prime numbers?

The product of the fourth and sixth prime numbers is 91.

Is one sixth greater than or less than one fourth?

one sixth will be lesser than one fourth

What is one sixth made into a fraction?

Expressed as an improper fraction, one sixth is equal to 1/6.

Is there going tobe a sixth Pirates of the Caribbean?

There hasn't been a fourth or fifth yet. The fourth one is in production. A sixth one is unlikely.

What is the fraction between one sixth and two sixth?

it's 1/4 if you want the fraction exactly half way between them.

What is one-sixth times one- fourth?

It is one twenty fourth.

What fraction of a full rotation is 60 degrees?


What is a sixth in a fraction?


Is one six a fraction?

One sixth as a numerical fraction is written 1/6

What six letter word has the same second and sixth letter and also the same first and fourth letter?

Some six letter words:first and fourth letter is the samesecond and sixth letter being the same:BalboaBeebeeBoobooCanchaCoocooIndignKeckleMuumuuPeopleTantraTeetheTentieTestaeTestee

What is five sixth as a fraction?


What is improper fraction of 2?

12 sixth

What are two equivalent fraction for four sixth?

the simplified fraction is 2/3 and another equivalent fraction is 8/12.

You are a fraction in simplest form one sixth of you is the same as one-half of one-fourth?

no.... 1/2 of 1/4 is the same as 1/2 x 1/4 which is 1/8. so no....

Should sixth graders kiss fourth graders?


How many sixth in a fourth?

one and a half(1.5)

What is sixth to the fourth power?

6^4 = 1,296

Can there be a Fourth of July in Australia?

Yes and a fifth, and a sixth...

Is one sixth greater then 1 fourth?


How do you divide one fourth by sixth eights?


Is Star Wars A New Hope the fourth fifth or sixth movie?

It is the fourth episode of star wars.

What is one fourth to the sixth power?

1/4 to the sixth power (0.256) equals 0.0002

Is Samhitas Aranyakas and Brahmanas date from between fourth and sixth centuries BC?

eighth and sixth