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It can be a pentagonal prism or a hexagonal based pyramid

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Q: Which geometric solid has 7 faces?
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Related questions

How many faces does a geometric solid square have?

6 faces

What geometric solid has all faces congruent?


A geometric solid has 40 faces and 50 solids how many edges does What is the working out aswell?

A geometric solid has ... 50 solids! What does that mean?

Is a polyhedron a solid?

Polyhedron is a geometric solid in three dimensions with flat faces and straight edges.

What is a geometric solid that has one square base and for triangular faces?


Which geometric solid has five faces and six vertices?

triangular prism

What geometric solid has all faces made up of squares?


A geometric solid has 40 faces and 50 vertices's How many edges does it have?


What are faces of a geometric object?

They are the plane surfaces which are bounded by edges of a solid object.

What polyhedron is a geometric solid where all the faces are the same and all the faces are equalateral triangles and has eight sides?

Octohedron, or diamond

What solid geometric figure has 4 faces 4 vertices and 6 edges?

A tetrahedron.

You are a geometric solid you have one square base you have four triangular faces what are you?

That's a pyramid.

What is a geometric solid with 1 square base and 4 triangular faces?

A (Square) Pyramid

What is the difference between a geometric solid than a polyhedron?

A polyhedron is in a subclass of geometric solids. The difference is that a polyhedron must have flat faces and straight edges.

What geometric term describes a solid figure that has 4 equal sides and the faces are triangles?

A tetrahedron.

What solid geometric figure has 4 faces 4 vertices 6 edges?

triangular pyramid

A geometric solid with a base that is polygon and lateral faces that are triangles with a common vertex is called what?

A pyramid

What is a 3-dimensional geometric shape with 7 faces and just one pair of parallel faces?

A pentagonal prism.

What is the name of the geometric solid with four faces that are congruent triangles?

Isosceles TetrahedronA solid with four faces is a tetrahedron. Each of the faces is a triangle. If all the triangles are congruent, you have an isosceles tetrahedron.

You have 2 faces you have 2 edges what are you?

Assuming "you" refers to a geometric solid, this situation is impossible. The closest possible answer would be a cylinder; which has 3 faces and 2 edges.

What is a solid with seven faces called?

A pentagonal prism has 7 faces.

Which figure has 2 triangular and 2 rectangular faces?

Such at figure - as described - could not be made as a solid geometric shape.

What Geometric shape has 7 faces and 10 vertices and 15 edges?

pentagonal prism

What solid shape has 7 faces five of the faces are rectangles?

A pentagonal prism.

How mwny face a dodecahedron have?

a dodecahedron is a regular geometric solid, it has 12 pentagons as faces, 30 vertices and 30 edges