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3/4 or 0.75 is greater than 2/5 or 0.4

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Q: Which greater three fourths or two fifths?
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Is three fourths greater than two fifths?


Is two fifths bigger than three fourths?

No, two fifths is smaller the three fourths. It would only be 8/20ths while three fourths would be 15/20ths.

Was which fraction greater than two fifths three tenths seven tenths two fourths or three sixths?


What is less than three fourths and greater than three fifths?

An (uncountable) infinitude of numbers, including two thirds, seven tenths, and pi fifths.

What is three fourths of two fifths?

three tenths.

What is eight and three fourths plus six and two fifths?

Eight and three fourths plus six and two fifths is fifteen and one twentieth.

Is two fourths bigger than three fifths?


Which fraction is greater two-fourths or three-fourths?

3/4 is greater.

What is three-fifths of four-ninths multiplied by two-fifths of five-fourths?


Which one is greater two fifths or three tenths?

two fifths.

What is two fifths divided by three-fourths?


What is the common denominator of two fifths and three fourths?


Is three fourths x two thirds greater than or less than three fourths?

greater than

What is negative two and two fifths plus three fourths?


What fraction is greater than two fifths?

There are infinitely many fractions greater than two fifths; the most obvious answer would be three fifths. A half is also greater than two fifths.

What is two fourths plus three fifths?

one and one tenth

Which is bigger the fraction two thirds or three fifths?

Two thirds is greater than three fifths.

What is eight fifteenths of three fourths?

Two fifths.

What is two fifths plus seven fourths?

2.15 or 2 and three twentieths

What is bigger three quarters or two fifths?

The answer is three fourths. three fourths= 75%:- 3x25= 75 - 4x25= 100 two fifths= 40% : - 2x20=40 - 5x20=100

What is greater three fourths or one half?

Three fourths is three quarters One half is two quarters. Three quarters is greater than two quarters.

Is three fourths greater than two eights?

Yes. Three fourths is three times the size of two eighths.

Which is bigger two fifths or three fourths?

Well 2 is less than half of 5...... and 3 is more than half of 4. Therefore: three fourths is more than two fifths.

What is greater two thirds two fifths or three tenths?

two thirds

Is three tenths greater than two fifths?

Two fifths is greater than three tenths, because the smaller the denominator (top number), the bigger the piece (bottom number).