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A city has a higher population density.

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Q: Which has a higher population desnity a city or an area in the countryside?
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Which has a higher population density a city or an area in the countryside?

Typically, cities have a much higher population density than areas in the countryside. Cities are more densely populated due to factors such as urbanization, infrastructure, and the concentration of economic opportunities, services, and amenities in a smaller geographical area. On the other hand, areas in the countryside are characterized by lower population density, more open spaces, and a slower pace of life.

What is rural areas?

A country or countryside of an area, or a area with a low population density.

What is a Countryside area called?

A countryside area is often called a rural area, characterized by its open spaces, agricultural land, and low population density compared to urban areas.

What is a rural area?

Any place that is not in a city is in a rural area.

What is a sentence for the term population density?

Population density refers to the number of people living in a given area, such as "The population density of the city center is much higher than that of the rural countryside."

Where do the largest number of people live in the United Kingdom?

In England, in the London area and South East England where the combined population was 26% of the UK population, in an area of only 10% of the geographical area of the UK.

What area of Scotland supports a higher percentage of the population?

the lowland

What parts of speech is countryside?

"Countryside" is a noun. It refers to a rural area outside of cities and towns.

A word to describe a countryside area?


Is London a countryside?

No. It is a very large urban area.

In which country is Hoting located?

Hoting is located in Sweden, in the region known as Jamtlands Lan in the middle of Sweden. It is a very sparsely populated area, with the majority of the population living in the countryside.

does population plays a role on unemployment rate?

Yes, the population of an area does play a role in the unemployment rate. If the population rate of an area is higher than the number of jobs that are available, the unemployment rate is going to be hire.