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Q: Which inputs device can you use to draw lines and other shapes?
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What are lines that are not real but formed by the placement of other lines and shapes and colors?

Illusory lines.

What is the relationship between geometry and non-linear equations?

Non-linear equations represent shapes other than straight lines.Non-linear equations represent shapes other than straight lines.Non-linear equations represent shapes other than straight lines.Non-linear equations represent shapes other than straight lines.

How the T'boli tribes used shapes on their costumes?

The T'boli women are known for their bright geometric shapes in contrasting colors. They cover them with lines, triangles, and other shapes in intricate patterns.

Is the only quadrilateral with 2 lines of symmetry a rectangle?

no because other shapes have more such as a square

How do you subdivide a trapezoid into separate shapes?

Draw any lines across it so that they either meet the opposite sides of the trapezium or other lines.

What is the relationship between lines and shapes?

Lines are two connected points with length but no width. When the end points of lines are all shared by other lines a shape is formed. This shape is known as a polygon.

What are plain shapes with length and width but no thickness?

All 2-dimensional shapes. They may be closed or open, concave or convex, made of straight lines or curved ones, the lines may or may not cross each other.

What does the symbol of two parallel wavy lines mean?

The two wavy lines symbolizes that the shapes are congruent. This means that they are the same size as each other.

Which shapes have lines of symmetry which meet at 60 degrees?

Regular hexagons and other shapes based on hexagons. Polygons with 6k sides (positive integer k) where sets of k adjacent sides and angles are congruent to the next set, and other shapes based on these.

Why is math a branch of science?

Math is basically the science of numbers and other stuff like shapes, graphs, lines, etc.

What is the definition for a construction line?

A construction lines are a lightly drawn lines that aid in drawing all other lines or shapes properly. An example of a construction line are those on a sheet of graph paper. These lines are lightly drawn and they help with the construction of shapes and figures. Construction lines are also useful in Multiview Drawings. They are projected from one figure and help the drawer make another figure. These lines are erased afterwards.

What has 2 right angles and 2 parallel lines?

A square or rectangle are the only regular polygons, but many other shapes have two right angles and two parallel lines.