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Q: Which integer is between -3 and plus 3?
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What is -3 as an integer plus 3 as an integer?


The reciprocal of an integer plus the reciprocal of two times the integer plus two equals 2 over 3 Find the integer?

It is 2.

What is the integer of equals plus 3 and 0?

3 + 0 = 3

What does an integer plus another integer equal?

an integer plus and integer will always be an integer. We say integers are closed under addition.

What are the three consecutive odd integers with sum of -30?

It cannot be done. The basic rules of math. odd integer plus odd integer = even integer. odd integer plus even integer = odd integer. Always. odd integer plus odd integer plus odd integer = odd integer. Always.

What integer is between -2 and 9?


The reciprocal of an integer plus the reciprocal of two times the integer plus two equals Find the integer?


When factoring is 9X squared plus 6X plus 4 prime?

This is (3x +2)2 so if x is an integer/3, this expression is the square of an integer so cannot be prime. Anything else, and it's not even an integer.

Is there a integer between 0 and 1?

no an integer is only 0 1 2 3 and so on

If a rational number is in between 2 an 3 what is the integer?

The integer part of the mixed fraction will be 2.

What is the biggest integers between -9 and -3?

The biggest integer "between" -9 and -3 is -4.

The integer between -3 and 3?

The integers between -3 and 3 are as the follow: -2 -1 0 1 2

Integer between -0.5 nad 4.5?


Which integer is halfway between -5 and 3?


Why do you use subtraction when you add a positive integer and a negative integer?

Because adding a negative is the same as subtracting a positive. In other words, minus a plus is he same as plus a minus. For example 5+ (-3) = 5-3 = +2 5 -(+3) = 5-3 = +2 Remember minus a plus = = minus plus a minus = minus plus a plus = plus minus a minus = plus

What does plus 44 stand for?

A real, positive number; an integer between 43 and 45.

What integer lie between 2 and 3?

There are no integers between 2 and 3, not including the numbers themselves.

What is an integer in between the numbers -3 and 8?

7 is one of them.

How many hours between 6am and 9am?

3 + 24k hours where k is any integer.3 + 24k hours where k is any integer.3 + 24k hours where k is any integer.3 + 24k hours where k is any integer.

A positive integer plus a negative integer equals what?

Any positive integer plus any negative integer will always equal an integer. The results will be either a positive integer, a negative integer or depends which is bigger. if the positive integer is bigger the answer will be positive. and if the negative integer is bigger the answer will be negative.

What property is integer plus integer equals integer?

Closure of the set of integers under addition.

What is the next integer if m plus 5 is an integer?


If x plus 1 is an integer what is the next larger consecutive integer?


Can x plus y be an integer?

If both x and y are integers, then x plus y is always an integer, otherwise not.

What is -2 plus -1?