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Neither is. They're both closer to 6 or 7 yards tall.

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Q: Which is about 1 yard tall a flagpole or a giraffe?
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An elephant is 1/2 to 2/3 of the height of a giraffe.

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How tall is a flagpole that casts a shadow 28 feet long when a man 4 feet tall casts a shadow 8 feet long?

The flagpole is 14 feet tall - all of the shadows (at that particular time of day) are twice the length of the object. You can compare any values at that time, and the ratios are the same: x/ 28 = 4/8 (= 1/2) x = 14

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3 feet=1 yard

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1 yard.1 yard.1 yard.1 yard.

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Answer: Some_toddlers_are_1_yard_tall_but_not_1_yard_long">Some toddlers are 1 yard tall but not 1 yard longAnswer: Ummm... three dimensional means three dimensions.

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