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0.5 is the larger amount.

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Yes, 060 is greater than 045

.184 is bigger than .05

Answer: 5 is bigger than 0.05.

045 av is 75cc and the 045 av Super is 87cc.

There are infinitely many numbers between any two numbers.For example, between 04 (=4) and 05 (=5), there are4.0000000000000000000020024.00000000000000000000200214.00000000000000000000200224.00000000000000000000200220034.999999

Bigger than the Devil was created on 1999-05-18.

No because 4.5 is greater than .045 which is the same as 0.045

.035 or you can go .045 depends on the engine setup but .045 is a safe gap.

No because 0.05 is greater than 0.02

Yes because I follow the laws of Ivan Hoozlesnoozler

The answer depends on the units used for 0.045: inches? feet? miles?

If that is supposed to be .045, the answer is: 4.5 x 10-2 If it is supposed to be 0.45, the answer is 4.5 x 10-1

percent of 0.045 = 4.5%

A STIHL 045 av is 75cc and the max recommended bar size for it is 32". However... If you have a 045 av Super then it would be 87cc and the max recommended bar length would be 36". So it depends if you have a SUPER or not. It is easy to tell as it will say SUPER on the top tag right below 045 av.

well obviously 5 ounces is bigger then 1 ounce...

.5 because it's 1/2 and .05 is 1/20.

Pokemon number 45 is Vileplume.

13 is bigger because even though both have 2 digits the 0 at the very end does not count so 05 is classified as 5.

if your talking about 045 inthe sinnoh pokedex its burmy and if your talking about 045 in the national pokedex (u get after sinnoh pokedex) i dont know .

A UK number beginning with +44 70 is a personal "follow-me" number that can be forwarded to almost anywhere in the world.

.045, or 4.5%, or 4.5 percent

Multiply it by 100 and then it becomes 4.5%

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