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1/6 is bigger

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Q: Which is bigger one sixth or three tenths?
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Related questions

Is three tenths greater then one sixth?

three tenths equals eighteen sixtyths one sixth equals ten sixtyths therefore three tenths is bigger than one sixth

Is sixth tents or three tents bigger than one half?

There are 5 tenths in a half. Therefore, 6 tenths is bigger than a half by 1 tenths.

What is bigger one eighth or three tenths?

three tenths

What is three sixths minus two sixths?

well three-sixth-two-sixth is one-sixth

Which is bigger one fourth or three sixth?

three sixth is .5 where one forth is .25 so three sixth is twice as large as one forth.

What is three tenths plus one sixth?

7 15ths

What is the least common denominator of one-sixth and three-tenths?


Is four tenths bigger than one sixths?

4/10 = 12/30 and 1/6 = 5/30 12/30 is greater than 5/30, so four tenths is bigger than one sixth.

Is one third bigger than three tenths?

Yes, one third is bigger than three tenths. One third is 3.333 recurring.

How do you write 1.6?

1.6 = one and sixth tenths.

Which one is bigger six-tenths or four-tenths?

Six-tenths (60%) is bigger than four-tenths (40%).

Is four tenths bigger or one eighth?

Four tenths is bigger than one eighth.

How do you write three and ten tenths as a decimal?

3.1= three and one tenths

Is five tenths or one third bigger?

5 tenths

What is equivalent to five tenths?

there are many things like one half, two fourth, three sixth and if you simplify all of them you get one half. So the answer is one half

Is nEGATIVE one sixth bigger than or smaller than negative five sixth?


What one is bigger 0.56 or 6 tenths?


What is the decimal for one and three tenths?

You could say it is thirteen tenths or one and three tenths. The decimal form is either 1.3 or 1.30.

Is bigger one third or one sixth?

1/3 is bigger.

Write the number as digit 1 and 6 thousandths?

1.6 = one and sixth tenths1.06 = one and sixth hundredths1.006 = one and sixth thousandths

Is one half bigger than five tenths?

No. One half is equal to five tenths.

Why is 13.3 bigger 13.13?

13.3 is thirteen and three-tenths, 13.13 is thirteen and one-tenth plus three hundredths.

What is he total of one half three fifths and two tenths?

13 tenths, or one and 3 tenths Change one half to five tenths. Change three fifths to six tenths. Add these to two tenths.

What is one hundred eleven and sixth tenths as a decimal?


What is three tenths multiplied by one sixth?

Expressed as a proper fraction in its simplest form, 3/10 x 1/6 = 1/20