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When the numerators are the same, the bigger denominator gives the smaller fraction and the smaller denominator the bigger fraction.

So 3 < 4 means that 1/3 > 1/4

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Q: Which is bigger one third or one fourth?
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What is bigger one third cup or 1 fourth cup?

one third cup

Is one fourth bigger then one third?

No, 1/3 is bigger than 1/4

Is one third smaller than one fourth?

Nope, one third means one out of three which is bigger than one fourth which means one out of four.

Is one-fourth bigger then one third?

No. 1/3 is bigger than 1/4.

What is bigger one third or one fourth?

One third is bigger maddamNo,1/3 = 0.3333333333331/4 = 0.251/3 is bigger. As the denominator gets bigger, the fraction gets smaller.

Which is bigger one fourth bigger than one third?

One third is bigger: If you think of the number 12: one third of twelve is 4 (12/3) one quarter of twelve is 3 (12/4) Hope this helped :)

What is bigger one third or two fourth?

One third = 1/3 = 33.33% Two forths = 2/4 = 50% Therefore, two fourths is bigger than one third.

Which is bigger three sixteenths or one fourth?

one fourth is bigger, and it is bigger by one sixteenth.

Is one third greater than one fourth?

yes it is, the smaller the denominator the bigger it is.

What is a bigger fraction two ninths or one fourth?

One fourth is bigger.

What is five one third times one-fourth?

It is one and one third.

Is one fourth or one fifth bigger?

one fourth

Which is bigger one quarter or one third?

One third is bigger.

Is one fourth bigger or one third or one fifth How?

1/3 is bigger because the three in 1/3 is less than 1/4 &amp;1/5

Is one third equivalent to one fourth?

No, one third is more than one fourth

Is one third greater or less then one fourth?

One-third is greater than one-fourth. With simple fractions, imagine it's a pie. Cut it into 3, you'll get a bigger piece than cutting it into 4.

What is three fourth of one third?


What is one third-one fourth?

if you're asking what is one third of one fourth, then it's one third times one fourth. you multiply the numerators and you multiply the denominators and you get one twelfth.

Is one fourth bigger than 0.25?

one fourth = 0.25

How much larger is one fourth than one third?

a fourth is 8% smaller then a third

Is one fourth bigger than one fifteenths?

Yes, way bigger!

What is one and one third minus three-fourth?


What is bigger one fourth or one third?

Which would you rather have 1/4 of a dollar (25 cents) or 1/3 of a dollar (33.3 cents).

What is bigger one fourth or 0.26?

1/4 is 0.25. 0.26 &gt; 0.25; so 0.26 is bigger than one fourth.

Which is greater three to the third power or two to the fourth power?

33 = 27 24 = 16 The first one looks bigger.