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30 meters per second is faster than 1 mile per minute. 30 meters per second is about 67.1 mph. A mile per minute is 60 mph.

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Q: Which is faster a mile a minute or 30 meters per second?
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Which is faster a mile a minute or 20 meters per second?

One mile per minute is faster.

What is 400 meters per minute in miles per minute?

400 meters per minute is about 1/4 mile per minute.

What pace is a 3 minute 43.13 second mile?

A 3-minute 43.13 second mile equates to a pace of 16.13 miles per hour.

What part of a mile is 50 meters?

About one thirty-second of a mile

How many seconds per lap do you do for a 6 minute mile?

1.50 minutes per lap. But you could get a 2.55 on your first 800 meters then a 3.00 on your second and you will have a 5.55 mile! or you can adjust your times to get 6.00 minutes.

How many meters per second are in a mile per hour?

1 mile per hour = 0.44704 meter per second (rounded)

Convert 60 miles per hour into meters per second?

26.8224 meters per second round as needed if you want the math behind it it is 1 mile equals 1609.3 meters 60miles x 1609.3meters = 96,560.64 divide that by 60 for meters per minute = 1609.3 meteres per minute divide by 60 for seconds = 26.8224 m/s good luck =P

How fast is mile a minute?

Faster than any human can run, that is 60 miles per hour. The fastest man ever has never ran faster than 30 mph. A mile a minute is IMPOSSIBLE for a human being.

What is 24 mile per hour to meters per minute?

24 mph = 644 metres per minute, approx.

What is 1 mile per hour equilivant to in meters per second?

1 m/h (1609 meters/1 mile)(1 hour/3600 sec.) = 0.45 meters per second ---------------------------------

How do you convert 130 meters per second into miles per hour?

Okay. 1 second x 60 = 1 minute x 60 = 1 hour so 60 x 60 = 3600 seconds=1 hour then 130 meters x 60 x 60 = 468000 meters = close to 1/3 mile 1 mile = 1609344 meters. The answer is 290.8017 mph = FAST!! lol

Is a seven minute fifty one second mile and a half fast?