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Its a trick question they are equal

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Q: Which is furthest on the number line from negative 4 positive 3 or negative 10?
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What are some negative integers between a positive one on the number line?

There are no negative integers between positive ones on the number line.

To add a negative number in which direction do you count on the number line?

Adding a negative number is the equivalent to moving to the left on a negative-positive number line.

What is a negative subtracted by a negative?

Subtracting a negative number has the same effect as adding a positive number - think of it as moving right on a number line whereas, subtracting a positive number will move you left on a number line.

A-1 positive or negative?

The number one on a number line would be positive. The number zero would be the middle number on a number line.

Why is the number line of a number is never negative?

A number line can have both positive and negative numbers. You can put the number line in any position, but often it is represented so that numbers to the right of zero are positive, and numbers to the left of zero, negative.

What is an integer number line?

a number line that has both a positive side and a negative side.

When you add a positive and a negative number what do you get?

if the modulus (just the value ignoring the signs) of the negative number is larger than the positive number, adding the two will get you a negative number, if the positive number is larger, than modulus of a negative number you will have a positive. Can be easily demonstrated on a number line. yes

When you subtract a negative number from another negative number do you get a positive or a negative number?

always a negative number. just think about going backwards on a number line.

Is there smallest negative number?

the number line goes up to infinity on both negative and positive sides

Are there any negative integers between negative one a positive one on the number line?

No, there are not.

What is farther from positive 1 negative 10 or positive 7 on the number line?


Will an absolute value be graphed on the positive or negative side of the number line?

Absolute values are always positive; so graph it on the positive side of the number line.

Why does a negative multiplied by a negative equal a positive?

The answer to this is a little counterintuitive. positive X positive = positive negative X positive = negative positive X negative = negative negative X negative = positive Do you see the pattern? Two positives and two negatives will always be positive. Think of yourself standing on a number line. If you're a positive number you will be facing to the right. If you are multiplied by a positive number you will move to the right (positive). If you are negative number, you will be facing to the left, but when multiplied by a negative number you have to move backwards, which is now to the right--a positive number! Think of yourself as always facing right when a positive number and facing left when a negative number and then go forward or backward with the next number.

Why number zero is invented?

to separate the negative numbers and the positive numbers on a number line

How is a negative integer less then any positive integer?

Because positive numbers are to the right of negative numbers on the number line. If you have two numbers, one the negative of the other, and you add the positive to the negative, you get zero. If you add the positive to zero, you get a positive number. So positive numbers are an increase from zero, which is an increase from negative numbers. A negative number may have a greater absolute value than a positive number, but it will always be less than a positive number.

How many units is it from negative 5 to positive 2 on the number line?


What is the diffence between negative 10 and positive 7 on the number line?


Why is 0 on the number line?

So the positive and negative numbers know where to start.

How are positive and negative numbers placed on a number line?

Positive numbers go to the right of zero, negative numbers go to the left of zero.

Do you subtract a negative and a negative?

yesrer324: it depends what way you mean. look at it like this.taking away a negative number from a negative number means you would go up the number number line just as positive numbers go up the number line.

A negative number that has a greater absolute value than a positive number?

The absolute value of a number is how far away it is from zero on a number line. Any negative number that is higher than a positive number without its negative sign is larger with absolute value.

Can an integer be negative?

Integers are whole numbers that go from negative infinity to positive infinity. As such, they do cover the negative range of the number line.

The first number line is the?

In basic mathematics, a number line is a picture of a straight line that serves as representation of negative and positive numbers.

What is negative 21 divided by negative 7?


What does the zero mean on the number line?

The separater to make the negative and positive numbers opposites?