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Subtracting a negative number has the same effect as adding a positive number - think of it as moving right on a number line whereas, subtracting a positive number will move you left on a number line.

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Q: What is a negative subtracted by a negative?
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What is a negtive number subtracted by a negative number equal?

negative number subtracted FROM a negative number will be negative

What is a negative number subtracted by a positive?

its a negative number.

What negative number and positive number subtracted equal positive 7?

A negative number subtracted by a positive number will always end up negative.

Does a positive subtracted from a negative equal a negative?

Always yes

What is negative two ninths subtracted by negative three?


Is positive integer subtracted from negative integer a negative integer?


What is one subtracted by negative three?


What is negative three subtracted by two?


What is the result when 8x 3 is subtracted from negative 2x 5?

It is negative 34.

When a positive number is subtracted from zero what is the correct answer?

When a positive number is subtracted from zero the result is a negative number.

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What is negative 5 subtracted by 3?