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.003 is =.0030. .0032 is more than .0030 because 32 is more than 30.

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Q: Which is greater 003 or 0032 there is a decimal in front of both of these?
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Is a repeating decimal greater than a decimal?

Repeating decimal and decimal are both numerical representations. The question depends on which numbers.

Is decimal 38.10 greater than 38.1?

They are both the same

Which decimal is greater 0.570 or 0.57?

They both have the same value.

Which decimal is greater 4.4 or 4.40?

They both have the same value.

Is 2.375 same as 1.1875?

No 2.375 is greater than 1.1875 but they are both decimal numbers

Is 11.1 greater or less than 11.100?

No, They are the same value Trailing zeros AFTER a decimal point can be ignored.

Is 8.3 greater than 8.37?

No, 8.3 is less than 8.37. When determining which decimal is greater, look at the first number after the decimal point, and whichever number is bigger is the bigger decimal. If both numbers are the same (like in this case) move on to the second decimal place. If there isn't a number in the second decimal place, like with 8.3, assume it's a zero. Since 7 is greater than 0, that makes 8.37 greater than 8.30.

Which decimal is greater 5.4 or 5.25?

the decimal 5.4 is greater because even though 5.25 has a bigger number like 25 than 4, in both of those numbers tens place there is a 4 and a 2 and a 4 has a greater value than the 2.

How do you do multiplication problems with decimal points?

You multiply the numbers like you multiply integers. Count how many numbers are after the decimal points in both numbers combined and move the decimal point in front of the answer.

Is 1 over fifth greater than 3 over 15?

They are the same. Decimal equivalent is 0.2 for both.

Is 0.7 greater than 0.5?

Make sure that both numbers have the exact same number of places past the decimal then ignore the decimals. 7 is greater than 5 therefore 0.7 is the greater.

What is 0.45 less than or greater than nine twentyths?

They are both the same because 9/20 = 0.45 as a decimal

Which is greater 5 hundredths or 5 thousandths both in decimal?

5 hundredths is greater. Whether the numbers are written as decimals or fractions, or in some other base is totally irrelevant.

What is bigger 0.37 or 0.317?

0.37 is greater than 0.317. Move the decimal 2 places to the right in both and compare 37 to 31.7 and see that 37 is greater.

What is greater 3.17 or 3.170?

Neither, they both have the same value. Adding a 0 at the end of an equation on the right side of the decimal does nothing.

Which is greater 6.006 or 6.0006?

6.006, because if you multiply both times 10,000 to remove the decimal places, you would get 60,060 and 60,006.

What is greater 26 percent or 0.3?

Well let’s first convert the decimal to a percent. By multiplying the decimal by 100.0.3 x 100 = 30%So now that both of the numbers are percents we can see that 0.3 is greater than 26%.Hope that helps 😃

Is 0.480 greater than 0.05?

Yes. Both are less than 1, so compare the decimal parts starting after the decimal point and working towards the right; comparing the tenths: 0.480 has 4 tenths 0.05 has 0 tenths 4 is greater than 0, thus 0.480 is greater than 0.05

Is 0.02 greater or less than 0.05?

2/100 is less than 5/100. When in doubt multiply both by the greatest decimal place. Ex. these both happened to be hundredths. If you had .2 and .05 you would multiply both by 100 leaving 20/100 and 5/100. I hope this makes sense.

Is 02 greater than 0.35?

02 is 2. 2 is greater than 0.35 is. If you mean .02 or 0.2, they are both less than 0.35 is.

How do you decide which decimal represents the greater number?

If they have whole numbers before the decimal point, it's easy. The one with the greaterwhole number before the decimal point is the greater number.If neither one has a whole number before the decimal point, then look for the first placeafter the decimal points where their digits are different.If one has more digits than the other, then zeros can be added to the right of the rightmost digit, without changing the value. The number with the greater digit in that place is the greater number.Example: compare .09 and .15 : The first digit that is different is 0 and 1. 1 > 0 so .15 is greater.How about .2 and .23 ? The first digit is 2 in both, .2 doesn't have any more digits, so make it .20, then compare 0 and 3, so .23 is greater.

Which is greater 0.45 0r 0.067?

0.45 is greater than 0.067 When determining greater, start by lining up the numbers at the decimal point and compare the digit farthest left in both numbers. This works for any pair of numbers. 0.45 0.067 Since the first digit in both numbers is the same, we move on to the next digit. 4 is greater than 0, which means 0.45 is greater than 0.067

Is 0.2 greater or 0.11?

YES!!! Method to check. Write the two numbers to two decimal places . Hence 0.20 & 0.11 Drop the prefix zero and decimal point 20 & 11 It can be seen that 20 > 11 . Hence it follows 0.2 > 0.11 NB This method is good for any decimal. e.g. 0.02 & 0.11 ; Which is greater Both are now at two decimal places Hence 02 & 11 The prefix zero is trivial and can be dropped, hence 2 < 11 . Hence it follows that 0.02 < 0.11

Is 0.128 greater than 0.14?

No, 0.14 is greater. With decimals, you look at the number to the most left (but on the right of the decimal). The first number, for both, is '1', so that doesn't tell you anything. For 0.128, the second number is '2', but for 0.14, the second number is '4'. 4 is greater than 2, which makes 0.14 greater.

What the definition of fraction decimal?

Both a fraction and a decimal (right of the decimal point) are parts of a whole.