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Q: Which is greater 08 or one eighth?
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Which is greater one eighth or two six?

two sixths is greater.

Explain how one eighth of 26 is greater than 3?

1/8 x 26 = 3.25 Therefore one eighth of twenty-six is greater than 3.

Is one fourth greater than four eighth?

it is the same

When was The Eighth created?

The Eighth was created on 1981-11-08.

Is three sevenths greater than one eighth?

Yes. One sevanth is biger then one eighth. You are dividing it smaller the higher the number you go. So yes

Which is greater half of quarter or quarter of half?

Both are the same: one-eighth.

Is one eighth greater than one half?

No, one half is greater than one eighth. One half is equal to four eighths, so it is larger than one eighth.

Which is greater half a quarter or quarter of a half?

Both are the same- both are one eighth.

What is greater .08 or .018?

What of these is greater percent .08 or .018

Is one eighth greater than one fourth?

No. 1/8 is a half of 1/4

When was Eighth Grade Bites created?

Eighth Grade Bites was created on 2007-08-16.

Which is greater three eighth s or three fouths?

3/4 is greater.