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They are the same.

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Q: Which is greater 100 percent of zero or 0 percent of 100?
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Why can't probability be greater than one or less than zero?

Probabilities are given a value between 0 (0% chance or will not happen) and 1 (100% chance or will happen). You cannot have a negative percent for something that will not happen or a percent greater than 100 for something that will happen.

What is 0 as a decimal?

0 percent as a fracton is 0/100 so as a percent it will be 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000( it will go for ever)ANSWER:The answer will always be zero.

What is 12 rounded to the nearest hundred?


Is zero over zero one hundred percent or zero percent?

.0 × 0 = 0 Therefore, it is neither, simply nothing.

How can you have 0 percent of something?

Zero is a number not an idea. If you have no pennies, that means you have zero percent of 100 pennies. If you have one penny, that means you have 1 percent of 100 pennies, or one dollar. Zero like any other number is an indicator of amount. Likewise percentage is also an indicator of an amount of the whole.

What is 0 percent of 27?


What is 15 percent of 0?


Why you are saying 0 as zero?

technically, all numbers should be written with words unless they are greater than or equal to 100.

What is 0 percent of 7?

Zero percent of 7 would be zero (0)."Of" in algebra usually means multiply So it would be: What is 0% of 7? = What is 0 x 7?

What is 6.4 rounded to the nearest hundred?


0 percent of 36 is?

it's zero!

How can zero be greater than 1 because zero itself means nothing?

0 isn't greater then 1

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